Fish in the Snow – December 15, 2017

Floating Fish in the snow

Winter came early for us in the Lake Valley of southern Trentino.  Because of the Lake Garda’s microclimate we usually only see snow around mid January, if then.  The other morning the sky was heavy and what looked like fog was actually snowfall.  It snowed the whole day through changing our autumn suddenly into winter.  As I looked out towards the courtyard in front of my house, my fish wind chime began to tinkle and I imagined a world with floating fish.

cold grey morning sky
first flakes fall
ice crystals
softly blur my world from sight
hills of snow – growing

Silence grows
as snow flakes gather
humdrum scenes
into something new – special
never seen before

In that morn
of cold December
in silence
a fish floated in the snow
outside my window.

gsk ’17





Murder on the Strand – Kyrielle Sonnet and Shadorma – October 21, 2014

Murder on the Strand (Kyrielle Sonnet and Shadorma)

This Cenotaph of marble bright
Reminds me of her lover’s plight –
Whilst on a slope in a strange land
He met his death at murder’s hand.

He’d gone to feast one evening,
‘T’was with his neighbor, reveling.
From the merry crunch on the Strand
He met his death at murder’s hand.

Invisible – enameled knife sunk
To the hilt into his poor trunk
Though t’was a mistake and unplanned
He met his death at murder’s hand.

Lichen cover this Cenotaph –
He met his death at murder’s hand.

Minstrel call:
“Dismiss not this tale,
Give a coin …
Recede not …
My songs are my currency
And each word is pure gold.”

 (c) G.s.k. ’14

(The wordle words:  1. Cenotaph (a sepulchral monument erected in memory of a deceased person whose body is buried elsewhere.) 2. Currency 3. Neighbor 4. Lichen 5. Feast 6. Crunch 7. Recede 8. Invisible 9. Enamel 10. Slope 11. Murder 12. Dismiss)

Written for Mindlovesmisery’s Menagerie ( Monday Wordle)


Marduk’s Lament – Pleiades – October 18, 2014

moonlightMarduk’s Lament
Moonbeams fell that night and
Magically lit the path,
Marriage he’d propose, since
Mad in love was he … but
Mary had gone away
Meaning ne’er to return …
Marduk said morosely:
“Mysterious is love!”
(That poor sod –
His heart was destroyed!
And Depressed …
Until he saw young Sybil
Walking on the beach …)
(c) G.s.k. ’14

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I know how reading the reader and keeping up with the e-mail flash notifications can be difficult.  Plus, I don’t just blog on The Library so here is a round-up of my yesterday’s posts –  all in one convenient place of reference.


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Dawn Thoughts – July 19, 2014

Ah … the joys of the unexpected!  This morning my trusted and true computer, Bastet, didn’t want to open … she just revved her “motors” like a dragon and alas, that’s all she wrote.  I’m now writing from a netbook I’m not very familiar with (Sekhmet’s ok — just had this one at hand) and a keyboard with sticky keys.  To say it’s the pits is too bland.


ringing bells at seven
two  hours late posting
colorful metaphors


By dawn’s early light
What I’d proudly call bad luck
Struck me ‘twinxt’ the eyes
I shouted f*** then set up
An improvised work station


You twitter
Happy little bird
How joyous
Your sweet call …
But, you neither sow nor reap
Freedom is your song!

Dawn Thoughts – July 4, 2014


flashing explosions
rockets red glare through the night
Fourth of July!


The morning begins bright
until noon


renga fun
japanese poetry
comes to life
as we play
Ha, Jan and Oliana
like ancient poets

(Renga me, I’ll Renga you!)

Dawn Thoughts – July 3, 2014


like a painting
pixels create illusions
homage to Seurat

early morning write
words inspired by many
each keystroke creates
thoughtful expressions
impressions joyfully gained

what went wrong
the words seemed so right
unread verse
my poor prodigal poem
languishes in internet*

(I wrote a long poem yesterday, which did not meet with much success,  so I’ll be going over it to see what’s wrong with it and do some editing.)