Two Cats Revisited – Villanelle May 1, 2015

Way back in 2013 when I was first beginning to blog, a poet friend wrote a verse which was not quite a sonnet, not quite a kyrielle and not quite a villanelle … I tried to write a villanelle at the time and not having understood how to write one made a bit of a mess of the whole thing.  This is the edited version (a true villanelle) which I wrote this morning … the original is HERE and Shainbirds’s poem is HERE.


Two Cats

Two cats sat in the yard at dawn,
Companionable as is rarely seen;
Lovely was their friendship to look upon …

I stood there and our eyes were drawn
And we know how a cat’s sight is keen;
Two cats sat in the yard at dawn…

I grabbed some paper and black crayon
Quickly, so to catch that special scene;
Lovely was their friendship to look upon …

I was too late the scene had been redrawn
I guess it should have been foreseen –
Two cats sat in the yard at dawn …

There was just one cat upon the lawn
Where two had so recently been
Lovely was their friendship to look upon ….

A portrait of two cats could not be drawn
So a poem I wrote as you have seen …
Two cats sat in the yard at dawn
Lovely was their friendship to look upon .

© G.s.k. ‘15

Unavoidable Pain: Two

Foto0254_aOde to the Two

Ah how loyal they were to me,
I just threw them over without a thought
As if they’d been nothing to me at ll
As if they were just another vice…

It was a last cold winter’s morn in ’13
And I, after 3 days of fever groped for them
I tried to light up that cold dank morn
But nearly fainted away right there!

I found that awful burning in my chest
Was compounded 10 times to infinite!
The taste was like an infernal burning cess-pit
The smell was beyond any description!

I put that last cigarette right out…
Then, weaved my way to my couch
Where I laid myself down as my head spun
Realizing I could no longer smoke!

Oh don’t think it hasn’t been a pain!
For every time I want a ciggy break
I think of smoking but in vain…
I don’t know now what to do with myself.

For though I can light up at any moment,
(I’ve two packs here calling to me each day)
The thought of that spinning sea-sick feeling…
Has ruined the pleasure now for me.

So, I say, why go throught the unavoidable pain
Of learning to overcome nausea once again
I’ll just have to find another mindless passtime
To occupy my hands when I’m reflecting on rhymes.

So, here’s to those loyal friends…I left them
And wonder now what to do with these two packs
Seems so terrible to throw 10 euro into the trash
Maybe I should just burn them in the fireplace…
Yes…’tis more fitting by far!


Well dear you know, for some reason Ballads and Odes just don’t click for me, but an Ode I promised you and so I tried to make this an Ode…

Written for Prompt 37: Unavoidable Pain from Mind Love Misery:  This is a second trial for unavoidable pain…in truth, when one stops smoking it can be very painful…but I was already in pain so it became easy. I tried to start smoking again and found it was really painful, I still have a chestful of gunk!

Smells are way off, in fact I’m also finding coffee and some of my favorite foods disgusting…so It would be painful right now to start smoking again.  I’m just going to re-inforce this bit of negativity and accentuate the bother to re-start smoking.  So far it’s worked quite nicely.  I haven’t had a cigarette in 12 days…still early I know, but I’ve decided that I don’t smoke any more.

Now the big problem is what to do when I need that 5 minute break in the middle of writing a poem or story.  I used to get up…go out on the loggia.  Light a cigarette, take like 4 drags off of it.  Put it out and return to my computer.  Strange what 4 drags meant.

WDBWP Monday Prompt (late)

Monday Poetry Prompt #27 was about fear!  I’m writing it anyway and posting it on the results page!

the clockLoop Poem


The hands go ’round the clock
Clock, that ticks away my hours
Hours spent in useless conflict
Conflict of what’s best for me

Me, that is myself not you
You who would be my father
Father was not my perfect model
Model of how to live my life

Life passes by and soon it’s gone
Gone to never be replaced
Replaced by aught but a memory
Memory of who I was

Was this then my greatest fear
Fear of being forgotten
Forgotten in the streams of time
Time that passes on the clocks

Clocks measure my passing hours
Hours that are gone forever
Forever is just so very long
Long…as in eternal.

Thanks Shainbird my friend, you’re an ace!

Just a Note: September 30, 2013

Hello World!

As was expected, it was a busy week.  Preparations for Hubby’s exhibition is entering into its final stages!  Sisko worked up a great basic template for his pamphlet and poster (below) which we printed up and began to distribute. We’ll be able to use it latter on for when he exhibits in Rovereto.

There was the choosing of the pictures he wants to put on display…not easy as he wants to put the exhibition up in the same way he creates his pictures, bit by bit harmonizing with the showroom as he goes along.  So until we have the keys to the showroom, it’s all theoretical…but still implies hours of discussion as the photos have to be taken and processed to but into his book!  Anyway, Saturday, October the 5th is the big day and we have the keys tomorrow morning. Continue reading

Villanelle: Two Cats

This morning I saw two cats sitting on the ledge outside my house and wanted to write a poem about them, but a Haiku was too short and I didn’t want to write either a Choka or a Tanka.  I saw Shainbird’s lovely poem  trying to identify the form I came upon the Villanelle.  It’s a sticky form, but I thought I’d give it a try.


Two Cats

Two cats sat on a ledge at dawn,
Companionable as is rarely seen;
Lovely is friendship in the morn!

I stood there and our eyes were drawn
And I know how a cat’s sight is keen;
I thought, two cats to immortalize!

I rummaged in my purse with a yawn
Quickly, as to catch that special scene;
Lovely is friendship in the morn!

But the time it took, one was gone
I guess it should have been foreseen;
I thought, two cats to immortalize!

Alas, one had scampered like a faun:
“How could fate be so mean!”
Lovely is friendship in the morn.

I consoled myself as the Fox, woebegone:
“AH! The shot wouldn’t have been keen.”
Lovely is friendship in the morn!
I thought, two cats to immortalize!

2015 – Edited Version: 

Two cats sat in the yard at dawn,
Companionable as is rarely seen;
Lovely was their friendship to look upon …

I stood there and our eyes were drawn
And we know how a cat’s sight is keen;
Two cats sat in the yard at dawn…

I grabbed some paper and black crayon
Quickly, so to catch that special scene;
Lovely was their friendship to look upon 

I was too late the scene had been redrawn
I guess it should have been foreseen –
Two cats sat in the yard at dawn …

There was just one cat upon the lawn
Where two had so recently been
Lovely was their friendship to look upon  ….

A portrait of two cats could not be drawn
So a poem I wrote as you have seen …
Two cats sat in the yard at dawn
Lovely was their friendship to look upon .

© G.s.k. ‘15

Free Verse: A Thought For Shainbird

Working together
you on your end
I on mine
sharing opinions
learning new tricks
posting together
each other
full of love and appreciation
we call it collaboration…

it was

a wonderful experience
Thanks Shainbird!


On Saturday 27 July Shainbird and I published, each on our own blog a work of collaboration, entitled Erik Satie Inspires Shainbird and Bastet.  We followed our own layout, so each post is different, even if the work we did, a poem and a short story are common to both…Go have a look at Shainbird’s lovely poem…it’s fantastic…and it was a real pleasure to work with her.

Just a Note: 17 June 2013


Hello World!

Summer is here and so, the heat is making itself felt when just a week ago I was still running around in a hoody or a sweater!  However summer also means traveling and getting out more, and alas, less time for blogging!
It’s a good thing I’m an early riser or there would probably not be a Bastet and Sekhmet blog to read!  One of my bigger blogging problems, is convincing my hubby that blogging is in fact a form of art!  Well, I think he’s convinced on that point now, but he’d prefer to see me away from the computer when he’s up and about!  Three months or so ago, I read a blog at Blogher that spoke of the problem…I think the title went something like: Does Blogging Create A Problem In Your Family, and I guess I’d have to answer; YES!  Alas such is life.  But of course, he’s not all wrong, it is summer and I should be out walking and sunning and not sitting behind a monitor. So a little time organization is required here to see how to save “goats and cabbages” as the Italians say…that comes from a little word game by the way:  How can you in three trips take your goats and cabbages across your tiny row-boat without losing both.


award collage

Thanks to Belinda at Busy Mind Thinking for her nomination of the Very Inspiring Blogger Award!  Now she is a lady who is an inspiration to us all and I feel privileged to be nominated to her.

I must also thank Patty from Petite Magique for her nomination of the Rose of Kindness Award!  To receive this nomination from such a kind person herself leaves me without any other words than a sincere, thank you Patty!

A new exciting and earth-shaking award has been created by Sahm King at The Arkside of Thought its: The Friggin’ Awesome Blogger award, from now on FAB award.  Here is the award of all awards for the blogger of all bloggers…and I thank him for his nomination.  This I consider also a prompt, so I will write an individual piece to extol that FAB blogger that is me!

I don’t usually nominate people individually…that is not because I don’t have or can’t think of specific persons to nominate.  My problem is TIME, and you need time to go to bloggers and nominate them one by one, linking etc.  Time I do not have!  So, please, please forgive if I don’t name you one by one.  You are all great bloggers!  I have a category dedicated to Awards…go have a look and feel free to choose one for yourself and post back (ping-back) to me that you have done so…easy no?


Blogging takes you not only into your own mind and soul, but sometimes it takes you into the mind and soul of others…which if you think about it is not really odd.  As Charles wrote in his poem: Unseen Friends:

They live close to our heart
Though we have never met
Friends from the ether
Connected by words
Read off the screen

And so it is!  The WordPress community life, something I personally wasn’t expecting, gives us not only a wonderful opportunity to blog with visible responses, something that doesn’t always happen blogging individually, unless of course you’re already famous, but it also creates friendships and alas clashes.  It’s a real world, even though we may never meet the people we speak to daily face to face.

This week was a bit of a roller coaster for me.  A blogging friend disappeared without a clue (he later showed up to comment one of my poems about him) and a dear lady shared with us her health problems, for which I hope she will soon find a cure.  Others have had problems with their book sales, others share their perplexities about love, anger, racism and well life .  It’s not Facebook atmosphere that’s for sure!

My blogging buddies from Cranky Caregiver to Barb Taub in the short story range onwards to Lilith Colbert, MT Blu, Belinda, Sahm King and Shainbird for Poetry and Sweetness 6645, Frizztext and Judith at Sustainabilitea for photography plus Patty, Charles and Eric in general as well as others I’ve not named but whom you can see on my posts through their messages, all give me a wonderful feeling of encouragement to keep this blog running.  You all deserve some special award, maybe the Encouraging Commenter Award!

This Week

To tell the truth, I don’t have anything special planned for this week…I’d hope that everyone will have a look at the Photo Comment I made yesterday about the adventure I had in Padova entitled: Photo Chronicle – 1387 etc it was a great trip and I took oodles of photos only a small portion of which was posted in that service.

Last week I tried my hand for the first time writing an Epic Fantasy entitled. Grace’s Cove and I think I want to try another, well not quite the same thing, but in the same ambiance.

Lilith at We Drink Because We are Poets gave us 3 photos from which to choose to inspire ourselves, I chose the kitten.  The story I wrote met with mixed results. It seemed to me that letting a bird be eaten by a kitten somewhere in the world did not meet with enthusiasm.  But in my opinion, as the song that was attached to that kitten was about a crazy lady who eventually ate a horse who “died of course”, I felt that death was actually the main subject, hidden behind a nonsense song and a cute kitten.  I later wrote an alternate ending so each reader could choose which one was to be preferred.  I asked that a comment be made to explain the reader’s choice…none was forthcoming…sigh.  The title of the story was: The Kitten’s Tale. Oh!  what I was going to say is that I’ll try to write a story for the other two prompts!  🙂 got lost there for a mo’ .

Ok everyone…hope you have a wonderful blogging week and write lots of fantastic posts!  I’ll be waiting, with my arms akimbo as I look over the valleys and rivers here in Arco, imagining what you all would think or write if you were here with me!

Arrivaderci until next week!