Tilus – A new poetry form

I was curious to know what the blog Shiteki Na Usagi was all about when I saw it mentioned (by way of a comment link 😉 ) on The Red Wolf Poems blog…and found a new poetry from which came from thedVerse Poet’s Pub!  What a long road for a short poetry form…for it’s very short indeed, just 10 syllables in all!

Tilus [tee-loo-hz] is a form created by Kelvin S.M. and falls under the category of micro poetry. The form is divided into two parts: the first part is composed of two lines following a 6-3 syllable count; the second part, a one-syllable word to close and/or complete the subject layered in the first part. The whole piece must, only, contain 10 in overall syllable count. The main focus of Tilus is on the world of Nature, and how it can open a new door to a wider understanding of life and beyond. The form aims to be epic in emotions expressed, more importantly, than to be epic in words.”  for dVerse

Irresistable! So, now along with the beloved haiku, senryu, elfje, shadorma etc. I have a new category to add – the tilus!

spring bird’s estatic song

calm day breaks into storm
wolf-wind howls

sweet sunshine rising warm
summer morn

Here’s:  Shiteki Na Usagi where I found the poetry form and dVerse where Tawnya found it.