The Number Game – WDBWP’s Short Story Prompt #8



“Well…have you decided yet?” Mirko asked.

“Nope…” replied Julian.

“What about 33…the number of Lord Jesus?”

“No, that would be irreverent now wouldn’t it.”

“Yes, guess you’re right.  Well, what about A113?”

“I went to the Academy of Arts in Bologna…”

“Yes, of course! Well, what about 17?”

“Obscure outside of Italy, not many people will know that is a lucky or unlucky number depending on how you look at it!”

“Yeah…are you sure you want to use a number to homage someone or something in your story?

“Yep, and I just thought of who I really want to homage … Douglas Adams!”

“Oh 42!”


Jen’s challenge has been a challenge to me…I admit that I rarely think of numbers, they just aren’t my cup of tea.  But I do love reading and movies and so, enchanted by her interesting prompt on We Drink Because We’re Poets, I wanted to participate.  What came to mind was 42…and of course for lovers of Douglas Adams there can be no other number.  I found in Wikipedia, which I linked to the number above, that there are oodles of things attached to 42…go have a look!

Don’t forget to follow the We Drink link (above) to read and participate in this week’s story prompt!  I’d love to see what you come up with!


The Vacation – Short Fiction

© Leanne Cole

© Leanne Cole

Walking down the pier that night, the moon shone brightly giving off a hazy glow.  Michael and Gloria looked over the water, hand in hand, thinking of the wonderful day that they’d just enjoyed.

“When do you have to return home?” he asked her.

“Next week.  School opens on the 11th.” she sighed.

Silence fell between them.  They’d just met two days before and already they had to contemplate separation.

“It’s not as though we won’t be able to talk to each other…” he said, “I’ll configure your computer with my Skype address.”

“I know, but, keeping a relationship up long distance…”

“It’s been done before.”

The days passed quickly, then came their last evening together.  The moon no longer shone over the bay.  The stars twinkled brightly that evening as they walked along the pier.  Then they embraced and a tear rolled down her cheek.  they walked back to her hotel, Micheal came up to her room and they consumed for the last time, their love for one another.

He took her to the airport the next morning.  Summer was over for Gloria.  He watched sadly as the plane took off.  Then watched as a ne plane landed.  He stood near the exit terminal.

Mary walked through the sliding doors and when she saw Micheal a big smile came across her face.

“Oh Micheal dear, how much I’ve missed you!” she said as she threw herself into his arms, “Did you miss me too?”

“Ah Mary, life just isn’t the same without you!” he replied.

Written for: From a Photo Story Prompt #3 We Drink Because We’re Poets from a Photo by Leanne Cole.


Just a Note: My Favorite Pub!

Mulled Wine

Good Morning World!

Yeah, it’s not Monday but I just needed to give you some of the news from my favorite pub: We Drink Because We’re Poets…yeah, I’ve been letting the heat bake my brain and let this piece of news slip past me without a word…but no more!

If you’re following this fantastic site, you know that there is yet another new addition to the places where we can sit back and let our hair down.  There is now a We Drink Musicc room!!!!  Music Lilith Writes To.  Here, in her own words is what it’s all about:

“I’ll be launching two new bi-weekly features on my other passion, MUSIC! I will be showcasing some of my favorite artists and composers to write to, as well as a writing to music prompt like the last one, as I was SO impressed with the efforts put forth. I am always excited to introduce people to artists that may go unnoticed or undiscovered due to the climate of the music industry nowadays (especially in the States), so the opportunity will feed my desire to share the artists I so love and adore.”

Back on June 5th, Lilith inspired us with a fantastic Prompt from a great piece of music…it was epic…here let me link that for you so you can go and have a look for yourself…Wednesday Short Story Prompt #6, the musician she introduced us to was:  Trailerhead … as you may all know…there are no deadlines for the prompts at We Drink Because We’re Poets…we can click back to them at anytime and get inspired!

Let me just give you a taste of her first feature:

Miyavi, Guitar Samurai

So…missed something…been away…the heat got your brain (oh that has happened to me quite often lately!)…just go to the header page of We Drink Because We’re Poets and pick your passion…we drink music, we drink photography, we drink poetry, we drink short stories and of course featured articles!

By the way!  While this was going to press…Lilith came out with her first new music prompt dedicated to Miyavi! Haven’t seen it yet…now’s the time to do so!

And now for an announcement:

I am taking a couple of days off from commenting, not writing just commenting…then I’m going to the lake to cool my brain down…well maybe I’ll do just a little commenting…ah…yeah, maybe I’ll just visit the reader for half an hour…mmm…well…maybe…

You have a great day everyone and happy 4th of July to you Americans especially to Papi Z 😉 !