Dawn Thoughts – August 23, 2014


Crystal’s house

I was talking to a friend recently and we couldn’t help but comment on the strange phenomenon in cyberspace.  Well, more than cyberspace.   The list of people from Charles Yallowitz from the Legends of Windemere fame ( he recently had to recover all his data – I’m not sure what the problem was) to my friend Jen from Blog it or Lose it! who keeps getting BOD on her computer, dear Oliana from Traces of the Soul … who’s reduced to blogging from McDonald’s on to my sister, her computer died just a couple of days before my old mother board bit the dust … all point to a strange linking of nasties running through the cyber lines.

I went over the Akashic Library the other day to enquire.  Bastet and Sekhmet talked about Loki and the kami running amok.  However they also said there were “other” forces at work.

I decided to call on my dear friend, Crystal Payne.

Crystal lives not far from my house in what could pass for a wrecked hovel, until you get on the inside.  It’s one of the most interesting houses I’ve ever been in!  I’ve known Crystal all my life … and to think she doesn’t look a day over twenty-two, with her neat figure, jet black hair and smooth skin … I’m sometimes envious when I look in my mirror and see the almost elderly, dumpy lady of sixty-two looking back at me.

She “owns” a black cat.  His name is Caesar, and he’s as imperious as the original Julius.  He’s large and sleek – looks like a miniature panther in fact.  He also happens to be telepathic, at least he is with Crystal and all forms of spirits. They were born on the same day.  He’s from a long line of cats from the race known as “familiar familial” … in the middle ages the name was cut down to familiars – witch’s cats also was also another name used to refer to them.

“Hello Crystal, how’s it going lately.” I said as I entered her front door.

“Not bad actually.  There’s been a lot of work lately due to some pesky poltergeist.  They seem to be having a ball wrecking people’s computers.”

“Really! What a coincidence.  That’s exactly what I wanted to talk to you about. You’ve been aware that there’s a lot of computers blowing lately and not just here in our town.  It seems to be a world-wide phenomenon!”

“Well, it’s a fact that Loki and the kami are having a fling now but there’s also a group of organized disgruntled poltergeist at work on their own. There are a lot of problems involved. By the way, you know there is no such thing as a coincidence, right?”

“Hmmm. Yes, I read that in a book by a certain Redfield I think it was.”

“Ah yes, him. Anyway he got that right.  Everything in one way or another is linked together.  Seems that due to solar storms and a conjunction of the outer planets not to speak about moving ever more deeply into the age of Aquarius, there are many forces colliding at the moment.  I keep getting called on by the spirits to help their humans out of one cyber mess after another.  I’m really very overworked and am thinking of giving my sister a call to give a hand.”  Actually she didn’t look at all stressed but on the other hand she never did.

“Here, let me get my kit and we’ll go over to your house and try to rid you of the mites.”

I wasn’t surprised that she’d understood at once that I too was in need of one of her special visits.

Before entering my house she lit one of her famous camomile candles and Caesar meowed loudly at one of the local kitties.  I opened the door and we went up the stairs. Once in the living-room she handed me some leaves and told me to make some tea.

An elderly spirit came walking up the stairs much to my surprise.  I hadn’t realized the house was haunted!

“Ciao Giuseppina!” Crystal said to the lady dressed in the typical garb of a 17th century Italian peasant.

“Ah … the witch! And how are you today?” she said.

“I’m fine.  Can you tell me what’s going on here?”

“You mean about the light bulbs burning out and the compter stuff blowing up?”

Over the past few days my light in the refrigerator mysterious went out for a couple of hours coming back on just as mysteriously and light bulbs kept needing to be changed as well as all the other problems with my computer and router.

“Well, seems there are some youngsters around that are not happy.  You know what that can do to the atmosphere.  It’d be best to just do a general exorcism here.  Those poltergeist will not go away otherwise.”

“Get off it you old bat!” said a juvenile voice and up popped a vague shimmering spirit of around fourteen.  Not a ghost though, they are more concrete.

The poltergeist sat down on the couch and began to pet Caesar.  He purred and the spirit seemed to become more serene. We all had some of Crystal’s heavenly tea, she furnished special cups from her kit for the spirits.  The poltergeist sat talking about all the woes of her human, which were many.  It’s a sign of the times in this bad world-wide conjuction of economical depression.  She then apologized to me for creating so much havoc over the past few weeks. Then she just faded away.

“Well, she’s gotten it out of her system for the moment. I don’t think she’ll come back here, but your neighbors may still have some problems.”  Crystal said.

I thanked her for coming over and we fixed an appointment for a barbecue next Sunday.  I was feeling relieved to know that my house would be problem free … at least for the moment.


Written for Jen … she asked if I couldn’t call Crystal in to see about the jinx that has been hounding my house over the past two weeks.





Black and Yellow Feather Dreams

01_vurt_final-1024x640Black and Yellow Feather Dreams

I found the feather upon my bedside table one morning, and was fascinated by the exquisite combination of yellow swirled with black high lights.

“Did you leave a feather for me before you left this morning?” I asked David over the phone a few hours later?

“Feather, what feather…no, I didn’t leave anything for you this morning.” he replied.  In point of fact he was very accurate, not even an interesting memory.  We finished our conversation and I picked up the feather again.

‘Could make an interesting pen,’ I thought to myself  ‘just put in a refill…” which is precisely what I did.  I have a fantastic collection of half chewed-up pens…I can’t seem to go without gnawing on a pen when I’m thinking as I write.  I was thinking that I probably I wouldn’t chew on a feather, so a pen feather might be just the thing for writing my poetry without ruining my teeth!

That afternoon, I sat down for my two-hour session of poetry. I put the pen to the paper and then realized I didn’t have anything to write.  That sometimes happens, well it usually does, until I start chewing my pen and staring out the window.  I put the feather in my mouth and sucked it.

And as the winds of time blew wild
The demon of the deep did howl
Leaving Penelope to wring her hands
Thinking of his untimely death!

“Go back, oh creature of the night,
Leave off my life, go on your way,
For I am Penelope of the sky
No demon may walk near my path!”

I looked at the words that seemed to have written themselves.  To say I was perplexed is a mere understatement.  I was surprised, confused and completely lost.  I write simple little verse all light and honey…wherever did this stuff come from?  As I read the two stanza I sucked on my pen, and then started writing again.

And her god-head of life met his gaze
The demon of the lowly deep shuddered
And then an enchantment she uttered
Be gone foul beast, leave me now!

The demon howled yet again:
“I have your man within my powers
And if you suck that mixed yellow pen
The black will fill you ever more.

You feel your haunty majesty
You taunt me in your wicked rhymes
Yet know I’ve chosen to take you on,
My powers you’ll feel well-nigh!”

‘How extraordinary!’ I thought, ‘My muse has even incorporated this pen into my poem!’

I felt my head spin and a little nauseated too.  ‘I think this pen is making me sick though.’ I said to myself.  I got up and went to rinse out my mouth.  I spat out the yellow and black dye that had come off of the feather and thought I’d better go out for a walk to clear my head.

I never used the feather pen again, and so the poem remained unfinished.

Written for: Tale Weaver’s Prompt #3 “Vurt” – Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie prompt.

At the Akashic Library: The Jinn

The Jinn from the Akashic Library

I was very annoyed the other day.  I was trying to do my post for Pixelventures’ Close-up, which was dedicated to tweaking a photograph and ‘lo!’  I couldn’t upload a single photograph onto the We Drink media editor.

I popped back over to Bastet and Sekhmet.  Here there was no such problem!  I wrote a Haiku and posted it with a photograph.  In the meantime, I ran into Sahm over at the Arkside of Thought, since we were gabbing, I mentioned it to him.

“Can’t understand that!  You’ve got your administrative rights all in place.”

“Well, I can write the post, but no photos.”

We talked about different solutions and decided that the problem wasn’t my computer, so the only thing left to look into would have been WordPress itself.  I did reboot my browser just in case.  It didn’t work, but a couple of minutes later the problem (poof) solved itself.

Lately strange things have been happening all over WordPress World.  People not being able to like or comment, others not being able to read posts and the most dire problem of all, comments and whole posts disappearing.

I decided to investigate this morning when my dear friend Baldy published his “I don’t like this” post.  He was so distraught!  I popped right over to the Akashic Library to have a word with Bastet and Sekhmet.

“Ciao Bastet!  Sekhmet!  How’s the morning going?”

“Ah, slow to middling, just slow to middling.” said Bastet.

“Why? What’s the matter?”

“Oh it’s those darn desert Jinn.  Some of them have picked up with Loki and are running around creating chaos in the library’s filing system.”

“They should really do something about the little blighters, but no!  Do you think they listen to me, SEKHMET!  Say I’m too blood thirsty.  Oh and thanks for reblogging that person who said I was a ‘Vampire Queen‘ by the way!”

“Well, it was a delightful article you know, and you know how my readers love you so!”

“Pshaw!”  she preened, “It was grossly exaggerated though.”

“By the way, over in WordPress World, seems there’s a lot of issues lately.  You know; posting, commenting, reading the reader and all that sort of thing.  Have any ideas what the problem might be?”

“Darn Georgia!  Don’t you even listen when I talk to you?  There’s a band of desert Jinns that have picked-up with Loki and they’re playing tricks all over the place.”

“Well, Bastet Dear, you mentioned problems here at the Library, not W.P. World.”

“Yes, yes, yes!  Anyway, here we’re on the same ectoplastic wave-length dimension, hmm, more or less.  They’ve even gone so far as to send out inspirations to some totally idiotic Italian politicians.”

“As if they needed any inspiration to be idiotic!” snapped Sekhmet.  “I’ve just gotten back from patrolling the W.P. World with Mars and Anubis, but they’d already done their damage and run off.  Jeez was Mercury mad, had to get all those messages fixed up!”

“But shouldn’t it be the Norse Gods looking into this affair, I mean, Loki is one of their’s.”

“They’re useless as the proverbial tits!  Lying around drunk all day waiting for Ragnarök, the last great battle.  I mean, they know they’re going to lose that one but they can’t wait for it.  Go figure!”

“By the way Georgia, you did notice on Saturday that we kept your editor working without a hitch.  Happens I’d just come by to inspire you and found one of the Jinn fooling around with the media menu.”

“Ah, so that’s why I could post photos at our place but not at We Drink!  I was wondering about that!”

“Well, I don’t have much to do with other blogs, but that one’s ours so I happened to be on hand when the little bugger tried his tricks.  Scared the daylights out of him!” Bastet giggled.

“Ok.  Now that I know what the problem is, I’ll just run a post through.  Hope you guys can fix the Jinn problem quickly.”

“Worse than bloody squirrels they are!” mumbled Sekhmet.

“Hmmm, yes.  Well be seeing you, and could you try to look into Baldy’s Blog.  They’ve been playing havoc with him lately.”

“Can’t promise anything dear.  Run along now, we’ve got work to do, even if you don’t”

“Sweet, you’re always so sweet Sekhmet.”