Siberia or South America (A Haibun)

Siberia and South America

I remember,  I was reading, “One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich” and I decided that Siberia was a country I would absolutely never want to visit.  Ridiculous of course.  I lived on the other side of the Bering Strait for most of my adolescence and loved every moment of it. Though, I must admit Anchorage is not the northern tundra. Besides, the book was about the terrible conditions in a Soviet concentration camp…not a travelogue of Siberia.  Yes, silly of me…yet I’ve never felt attracted.  Well, except for the idea of going by train from Europe to Japan through Siberia…I first read about that train in another great book called “Silk”, written by Alessandro Baricco…the train trip seems very romantic.

South America is an entire continent. For the most part, I’ve read so many terrible things about the polical and economical situations of that continent, that again, I’ve felt no urge to run and buy a ticket.  I’ve loved to watch documentaries about the Amazon and the Incas and about so many other aspects of South America.  I’ve read some fantastic adventure stories and even a few SF novels that have had their settings in South America.  But, no, outside of in my fantasy and through my imaginatin, I feel no urge to visit that continent.

Basically the attraction that I might have felt for the raw beauty of the tundra or the fastastic Andes, has long been put to rest, by the nightmares that men have created.

travel see the world
realities of our Earth
strife – hate – war – hunger

Written for Ligo Haibu: The prompt for this week: Siberia or South America…it was requested to use the word chosen in the haibun…I chose them both.