Mindlovesmisery’s Wordle – September 23, 2014


The wordle contains 12 words those words are: 1. Sanction 2. Cripple 3. Retinue 4. Spider 5. Locker 6. Savagery 7. Hubris 8. Condensation 9. Bronze 10. Upholstery 11. Argyle
12. Platform

The king of spiders
In his haunty hubris
Decided to create a web
Using the pattern
Of my Argyle socks ..

The Gods on high
Said he’d gone too far!
With their usual savagery,
They turned his web into bronze
Which suited him fine!

He called his retinue,
Inviting them to sit beside him
Upon the bright upholstery
Of his royal throne …
(Found in my school locker)
In order to show off …

In condescending
To have them all about him,
The platform was soon wet
With sticky webby fluid condensation
Which crippled him in his creation
Of any new original webs
Bronze or Argyle …

His worst enemy …
Whispered words of sedition:
“What do we need with a king,
that cannot weave a web?!”
Alas … the civil war
That ensued
Left many dead …
(And my locker in a shambles.)

Ah the lessons to be learnt
from the haughty spider,
Are many and diverse
I’m sure you can fathom easily:
Keep your webs simple,
Don’t share your throne,
And leave my socks alone.

For Mindlovesmisery’s Wordle 

Trifecta: Week 111

Nonsense Poem


Manipulate the images that we see
upon this uncommon frail and frothy sea…
So’s we’ll see the waves go down calm
during story nights ‘til the tawny dawn…
Watch white frilly boats come into port
and observe silly old gulls as they cavort
Then we’ll play and gyrate in the waves
as we listen to the public’s sweeping raves!

Manipulate the cards that we hold
so’s then we‘ll do just as we’re told
Pretending to see an ace and a deuce
we’ll go and drink our red cranberry juice
Watching the silly show upon the telly
we’ll snack off bread and black apple jelly
Imagine what their surprise will be
when we visit the orange suited nobility!

Manipulate the passport of the royal seal
so’s he can travel with great appeal
Upon the orient express to Siberia
with his good friend Marcus of Liberia
No murders will there be I’m really sure
unless there’s a dark and dastardly cur
Oh dear it’s not the orient express at all
So we’ll need another train for this long haul!

Oh my!
Don’t suppose you can manipulate that
Oh drat!

Word Count: 186

MANIPULATE (transitive verb)

1: to treat or operate with or as if with the hands or by mechanical means especially in a skillful manner
2a : to manage or utilize skillfully
b : to control or play upon by artful, unfair, or insidious means especially to one’s own advantage
3: to change by artful or unfair means so as to serve one’s purpose : to doctor

• Your response must be between 33 and 333 words.
• You must use the 3rd definition of the given word in your post.
• The word itself needs to be included in your response.
• You may not use a variation of the word; it needs to be exactly as stated above.
• Only one entry per writer.
• If your post doesn’t meet our requirements, please leave your link in the comments section, not in the linkz.
• Trifecta is open to everyone. Please join us.
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Silly Poem: Mouser Cats’ Circus

Mouser Cats' Circus

The wonderful circus of Mouser Cats
Had as his main number Ele-phants
They loved to do a fancy tip-tappy dance
And everyone loved to see them prance!

Six Ele-phants he’d saved from the zoo
And all were so jolly except for Suzy-Q
She had a weight problem do you see
So she’d always go hide behind a gum-tree!

Poor Suzy-Q thought she was far too thin,
She didn’t even have a proper double chin.
But, old Mouser Cats was also a miser,
“I’ll pay for you five but not she, advise her.”

The six were great friends and didn’t agree:
“We can dance in five let her stay by her tree!”
But Mouser Cats he made a great awful scowl
And said he wouldn’t pay her any old how!

The friends got together, they went on a strike
And decided to ask for a humongous pay hike
They said: “We’ll divide this extra money
With our Suzy-Q ‘cause she’s really our little honey!

Old Mouser Cats saw he just couldn’t resist
For his circus’d be ruined if he didn’t desist.
From that day onward they all got along fine,
And the Ele-phants toasted with sparkling wine!

Silly Poem: Pixie Feet

ghost feet

Silly Poem

Pixie Feet

In a world of emerald-green
there walked a pixie through the rain
slipping and splashing it merrily went
trying to find some shelter,
from the ghastly storm that blew
making the world go tippy top.

Belter kelter! Spitzer patter!
I’d tried to photograph a puddle
in all of my excitement though
I’d gotten into a muddle,
and so no water did I see,
but only a blob of green!

I heard a knocking at the door
but saw nothing for which to open
I thought that it might have been the wind
until this morning’s processing!
Alas, alas what did I see…
pixie feet staring back at me!

Yes, there before my very eyes
I saw those ghost feet standing there
and so I realized (oh yes I did)
that a poor dear pixie had wanted in
from the dashing gnashing pouring rain…
but no succor there came from me.

Silly poem: Categorying*

Silly Poem


I work
on my blog
my cats
and tags
what a gory battle
cleaning up my
adding new ones…
housing children
with their new parents
ah…so many
and thoughts!
so much more work
to get to the end
for I’ve got some categories
that house
pages and pages
of miscellanea…
there is an advantage!
reading my work
I’ve discovered
some poems I like!

*I know, categorying doesn’t exist…but I like it so there it sits!

Silly Poem: Country Bumpkins

chickens on the road

Silly country bumpkins,
walking in the road,
flapping and a squawking
never going home…
They’d came into the city
seeking out
fancy food,
maybe some excitement,
something that was new.
Rooster and his harem,
moseyed them along
with stoic chicken phlegm
in the middle of disaster!
Then the farmer came.
He called out to his wife:
“Our chickens are in the road!”
and so, she too came out
they tried to round them up.
They ran in all directions
it was a sight to see,
a slap-stick comedy!
would have laughed I’m sure.
They dodged
the passing cars
and with their short wings flew,
until they found the gate
that led them to their coop.
After this adventure
with a happy ending,
I continued my daily walk,
tickled by the chicken feathers
of silly country bumpkins.

Silly Poem Trilogy: Word play

Silly Poem Trilogy

Word Play

When I feel a lot of stress
I do what for me is best
we all have our little games
( for sure none are quite the same)
which delights us and gives us bliss!

I love to play around with words
you’ve seen me do this at times
even if the results are quite absurd
I’ll keep doing it from time to time.

When once I went to eat a pizza
many years ago..
my sons and I in Italian
played change the letter game
pizza, puzza, pazza, pezza and pozza
gave us such a laugh…
since as we rhymed them
in really ridiculous poems.

The crazy pizza made of stinky cloth,
sat inside the puddle!
Then the puddle of stinky pizza,
got wrapped up in crazy cloth…
At last the stinky cloth pizza
puddled on my crazy dog!
But it’s much more fun in Italian
As it all comes out in rhyme!


maybe orching in an orchard
could be a ponderous sight…
recitals of
Papel pontifications
dog-matically and auto-matically
humbly bumbling beings
(in basil basilicas
ornated with oral ornaments)
and bi-shops who
orate in oratoriums


A pontificating frog
in a weedy old pond
was pondering hard
of just how
to create a bond
with a near-sighted
princess of
whom he was fond…
decided he
to pretend he was blond
by donning old fronds
poke her impiously
with a willow wand
and thus abscond
a violent kiss!
the results!

Dedicated to Cubby at Reowr and Charles at Legends of Windemere.

Silly Poem: Exercise in Rhyming Timing

Whatever could be the matter
to make the mad hatter natter?
I couldn’t really say but the platter
Went flying away with a clatter!

Alice was oh quite contrary
since her dress all bright and airy
got stained with a stupid blue berry
so her party was not quite so merry!

Well sitting in my living-room
thinking of visions of doom
of the bridemaids and the groom
and the bride who’d soon jump the broom!

Oh well I’ve heard a lot of guff…
so instead of getting gruff
I though I just go on without a huff
and get on about my stuff.

I’m exercizing in making rhyme
cause I free verse all the time
but I wouldn’t give me a dime…


it’s really been
a crazy day
just getting

three hours sleep
has really been
a feat
to defeat
the grogginess
gets in my head
makes it spin
I’m just in a haze
wanting to laze
fool around
make some sound
and all in all
screw around!


Silly Poem: The Mosquito

Could not sleep tonight
as try as try I might
I was a hunted soul
a victim of just a mite…
a monstrous egoistic creature…
a mosquito!

She buzzed inside my ear
and got into my hair
then bit me on the leg
causing me to itch
and so I had to find
the mosquito!

You know, I’m a pacifist
a bit of an animalist,
I don’t kill to protect myself
(how my poor leg really itched)
so what was I to do with,
this mosquito!

Among my many virtues,
I’m a naturalist as well…
that is I don’t use AC
and avoid Autan’s ™ yucky smell
but she zzzzed and zzzed around…
damned mosquito!

I turned on my electric fan
and hid among the sheets
hoping she couldn’t fly
and would go away leaving me in peace…
“Just let me sleep tonight,
Please mosquito!”

Alas, alas…oh sigh…
the fan was just no use
the lady’d found my juice
much to her delight
I here turned on my reading light…
and went a hunting… said mosquito!

Now what was I to do?
I’ll say this once again
though, pacifist and naturalist
my atavistic need was roused
and acting like a cat, I waited for her to land
then I slapped the bloody beastly…mosquito!

Idealism and virtues apart
even the noblest of woman alas,
will fall into abysmal fault
when her basic animal needs
cannot be justly met
and thus I am a murderess…of a mosquito!