A Sakprompt – Clerihew: A Clerihew for Cubby!

On the Arkside of Thought, Sahm King wrote this:

Allow me to introduce the Clerihew.  The cleriwhat????  Salud.  This is a simple rhyme, apparently invented by Edmund Clerihew Bentley.  The form is as follows:
Line 1: a – name of a person (typically)
Line 2: a – something that rhymes with name of the person in Line
Line 3: b – action, description or circumstance
Line 4: b – action, description or circumstance

Truth to tell, lines 3 and 4 can be whatever you like.  It is lines 1 and 2 that are typically the name of a person and something that rhymes with the person’s name.

Now this sounds like my sort of poem!  FUN!!!!


A Clerihew for Cubby!

Here’s to you O’ Cubby Kitty
I love your poems so bright and witty
I’ll send you tons of dark chocolate
Instead of a silly nifty compliment!

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