Only the Maverick – Free Verse – October 14, 2014

Definition of Maverick


The Maverick

Goad them onto the turf of battle
Hew them in their youth
Write your initials on their tombs
Solemnly march on by …

Only the dispised maverick
Stands even half a chance
To wriggle through the mesh …
Nimble as an eel he goes
Setting his own cadence …

Society’s pathological goals
Teaching everything and vise-versa …
Waxing eloquent it convinces
The people to sanction death …

Goaded onto the turf of war
Hewn is our youth
Write your initials on their tombs
Solemnly march on by …


1. Cadence 2. Maverick 3. Nimble 4. Turf  5. Initials 6. Pathology 7. Waxen 8. March 9. Eel 10. Vise 11. Goad 12. Hew

Mindlove’smisery’s Menagerie – Wordle

Choka: Mosaic



now what do you seek
you contend that all is wrong
that our lives are games
that there is no rhyme nor goal
all is illusion
(and yes this is true of course
yet it is not so)
reality is unknown
for we’re just one piece
the mosaic around us
is invisible
where’s society my friend
show me now the “they”
“they’re” there and yet don’t exist
Don Quixote fought them too.

Bastet’s If

Bastet’s If

If you follow the rules
If you cross all your Ts
If you read all the guidelines
If you do as they please
If you write the right subject
If you follow the fads
If your words are enough
If you’ve gotten a name
If you find a great agent
If you get a good critic

my son they may call you a published author someday!
Or maybe not…

If you follow your fancy
If you write from your heart
If you’re inconveniently honest
If you break the all the rules
If you get too inventive
If like cummings your grammer is flawed
If you’re iconoclastic
If you’re not a romantic
If you avoid the erotic
If you don’t kill off some bandits
If you don’t have an agent
If the critics don’t like you

my son one day they may call you an artist!
Or maybe not…

Obviously inspired by If by Rudyard Kipling… 😉