Soliloquy no Renga “Ah! Those Cherry Blossoms” – July 22, 2015



Ah! those cherry blossoms
their beauty amazes me again –
finally spring is here

© Chèvrefeuille

raining pink perfumed petals
decorates the warm tarmac

swallows from Africa
celebrate with cherry blossoms
making new nests

farmer’s barn decorated
with wicker basket homes

eggs laid
maturing in the warm spring
last cherry bloom falls

peeping young swallows cry
no cherry blossoms greet them

tiny green cherries
dangling tree decorations
young swallows first flights

swirling in the warm orchard
bees, swallows and butterflies

last swallow departs
the cherry tree stands bare
golden leaves fall

thoughts of swallows as it snows
dreaming of cherry blossoms

first cherry blossoms
greet the returning swallows
rebirth of life

 © G.s.k. ‘15

Written for: Carpe Diem Tokubetsudesu #53, Soliloquy no Renga “Ah! Those Cherry Blossoms”

Today’s episode of Tokubetsudesu is to write a soliloquy no renga … that is a renga where just one poet creates a series of haiku for the hokku presented … concluding it by connecting in a full circle to the hokku.  Here is how Chèvrefeuille explains it:

The first verse “hokku” gives the title to the renga and sets the entire image of your renga. By association on the verse before the verse you have to write you can make the renga a complete story. The Soliloquy no Renga is just for fun and I hope it will bring you the fun and inspiration as I had in mind. You can choose on your own how much links you use, but at least (as I said above) six (6) links. The last link has to make the “circle complete” and in that way has a link with the first verse. That last verse is called “ageku”.

Soliloquy No Renga – “moon rise” by Basho – May 30, 2015


tsuki shiro ya hiza ni te o oku yoi no yado

moon rise
holding their hands on their knees
evening at a house

© Basho (Tr. Jane Reichhold)

reflecting on the moon rise
a long past spring evening

half-moon or full
laughing smiles and harmony
a hooty owl

mother in the kitchen
father drinking his rye

commenting moon shine
to pass away the night hours
young lovers smile

thinking of their love’s desire
forbidden for a while

future yet unknown
their passion would blossom
under a full moon

wedding bells pealed in June
now they watch young lovers

under a moon rise
sitting primly on the swing
evening at home

the moon smiles her wisdom
another owl hoots his song

© G.s.k. 15

Today’s episode on Carpe Diem Haiku Kai by Basho is a hokku … the beginning stanza of a renga.  Chèvrefeuille to challenge us has requested we write an eight stanza response known as a “soliloquy no renga” … which is what I’ve attempted to do with the series of haiku above – I imagine parents recalling their courtship as they watch their child courting under a moon rise.