We Drink Poetry Prompt: Happiness

So this is Tuesday and so yesterday’s Poetry Prompt came up on We Drink Because We’re Poets, and the prompt is Happiness…but then you could have found that out reading my title!  😉

What does Sahm say to get us writing along?

Prompt: You can choose any poetry form that you desire!  Focus on the things that add to your happiness, no matter how small or how large they are!  If it makes you happy, write a poem about it!  What I would challenge you to do is to elaborate on the what and the why.  Of course, if there is no explanation as to why, that is absolutely fine!

the walkHappiness

just to walk



creates a feeling
of contentment
when you are here
by my side!

our ideas harmonize

and everything seems
when you are near.

moments of saddness
pass quickly
as we laugh and banter
about this sillyness
that is life…

our walks in early mornings
as we talk of art
and poetry
of history and philosophy
and how to find
your place
in this our society…

and when you’re down
I’m oh so happy
to make you laugh
so you can stand back
from all your would be troubles
even if for that

my happy prince,
with your sword and knife
your questions
and your answers…
I’m happy
that you are in my life.

Dedicated to my son.