Sonnet: Knight, Guard and Maiden Bereft

pomegrantes and castle


Knight, Guard and Bereaved Lady

“My princess dear, what is your wish as I walk below the castle?”
“‘Tis my wish to taste of the fruits from a young pomegranate fair.”
“I’ll, bring a song and lovely fruit !”  vowed the bonny bold vassal.
He went a wandering, when autumn crisp was the morning air.

He met then with a lonely knight a crying by the road,
“Oh, shining knight what is your plight, why do you seem so sad?”
“My own true love has passed away and into the river flowed.
She thought that I’d forsaken her and now is yon lily pad.”

Looked he at the flowered lily pad and what then did he spy?
Young pomegranate with its first fruit solemnly standing guard.
He bowed then to the mournful knight as promptly he passed by,
From young tree he chose three ripe fruits that were not very hard.

Returned he to the castle swift, he brought his lady his song and gift.
As she ate the fruit, he sang the lay of knight, guard and maiden bereft.

Written for Sonnet Workshop # 1: 13th Floor Paradigm

Sonnet: Bard’s Song


Looking towards our future
Wondering of our venture
As we gathered in the night
Creating force of new light

Thirteen bards a-pondering
Alternate roads wandering
Through forms, interpretation
Looking for new inspiration

The group formed, meditated
Soul-less age contemplated
Lost the love of calm beauty
Chasing money our age’s duty

What links us…our poetry
Essence rhyming symmetry
Our love of words come to life
That speaks of hope without strife

Sound intent with harmony
Sing thirteen bards in the night

Poem: Love passes w/o class

Love Passes w/o Class
a Three Syllable “Sonnet”
by Bastet

He left me
With two kids…
She, Russian
He, a jerk.

“She loves me!”
So he thought.
Green-card though
Was her goal.

Married her…
She left him,
High and dry
Went State’s-side.

Then says he:
“Come to me!
t’was all wrong
leaving you!”

I just said:
“Drop dead friend!”

My favorite human “sythesiser”, my neologism  for a master in brevity, Ye Olde Foole was trying his hand a writing a sonnet with lines of 3 syllables…I liked the idea so, I wrote the Three Syllable Sonnet! Click the link to see his fantastic Sonnet (in normal form, entitled Where the Desert Ends.)

Poetry: Sun Dayward Bound

Dayward BoundPainted is the early morning sky
By the fiery sun, dayward bound
With Amber streaks upon hilly mount
Lavishly has he used his precious dye.
Whispering wind discreetly caresses
The grass, the shrubs and finally me
Inviting the sweet rustle of the trees
To speak of how the world is blessed.

Full light tips over the mountains
Falling into the valley’s open arms
Inspiring birds to sing quatrains
Inticing call for their lover’s charms
Special this moment of bright serenity
When all lives seem kissed by eternity.

For: We Drink Because We’re Poets an Italian Sonnet.

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