The Sunday Whirl on Monday – August 25, 2014

Christian and Moor playing lutes, 13th century

Christian and Moor playing lutes, 13th century

rickety, cliff, cart, bones, language, sustain, stutter, absence, baffles, flight, longing

Reconquered Spain

I’m longing for a comforting word
To sustain me through this troubled hour,
I stutter a hesitant prayer
To sustain me through the fire ..

My rickety cart carried me through
The valley and then up the trail,
‘Til I came unto a very high cliff
And backwards I could not go ..

I flew from my “heresy”, Morisco am I,
And ’twas the only way I’d have saved my bones,
For the language of the auto-de-fe
Fills the streets and soul of my land ..

They said that King Philip’s victory
Would bring glorious peace to all of Spain ..
What baffles this sinner is to see
The Moor was more tolerant than He.