BBC Lottery Scam—update!

Hello y’all…decided to speak American Southern 😉

This morning I had fun writing a little post about a beautiful e-mail I received from a supposed employee from the BBC informing me that I’d won 750,000.00 GBP entitled: The BBC Lottery…uhm

Summerstommy was so kind to inform me that he too received the same e-mail…and Lilith Colbert went one step further sending me this great link:

Here is what it has to say:

“BBC Lottery Scam

It should go without saying that the BBC lottery scam does not originate from the BBC, but simply uses the term BBC Lottery to try and give itself a false air of respectability. The BBC lottery scam is propagated by an email message which tells the recipient that their email address has won a certain sum of money from the ‘BBC Lottery’. The BBC lottery scam email then requests that the recipient claim their prize by submitting several items of information. These include the full name of the recipient, mobile number, occupation, age and regular mailing address.

The BBC has broadcast National Lottery draws ever since the first draw-based game was launched in November 1994, and so many people would associate the BBC with National Lottery games. This BBC lottery scam seeks to exploit that close association in the public consciousness by suggesting that the BBC runs its own lottery game (the BBC Lottery) which purportedly uses email addresses instead of lottery tickets.

All of this is nonsense, of course. The BBC is a broadcasting corporation, not a lottery company, but the association between the BBC and the National Lottery in the UK is a strong one, and that means unwary individuals may well fall for the BBC lottery scam unless they look into it or have previously been forewarned about the scam, as we are doing here.

If an individual responds to the BBC lottery scam email and provides the information requested, the originators of the BBC lottery scam could then use that information for any number of criminal purposes, including identity theft. Should you ever receive a BBC lottery scam email, don’t be tempted to respond in any way, even if you only intend to give the sender a piece of your mind, because all that will do is confirm that your email address is live and active. Instead, the best thing to do is simply delete the BBC lottery scam email. Remember, you can only win a lottery game if it actually exists and if you actually bought yourself a ticket!”

Now…where is the Interpol when we need them?  Right here!  Interpol: Lottery Fraud.


Lottery fraud

Lottery fraud is one of many different types of advance-fee fraud, where the perpetrator attempts to persuade a potential victim to pay fees in advance or relatively small sums of money for a service he or she has never asked for.

In the case of a lottery scam, the money has to be paid for the transfer of a huge lottery win. Very often, names of popular companies or organizations are misused to give the lottery a trustworthy impression. Common media are the Internet, mobile devices and cell phones.

We are currently supporting a  private sector initiative to raise awareness of the scams and to aid investigations.


If you have received an unexpected letter about a significant lottery win which has to be transferred from a foreign country to your account:

  • Do not reply to any of these messages;
  • Do not send any money;
  • Do not send or hand over identification documents – not even copies;
  • Never give details of your bank accounts or payment cards;
  • Never open any attachments. (Darn…I opened the link to the BBC Lottery!)

If you are already in contact with these criminals or have already paid advance fees:

  • Save all received and sent email and text messages;
  • Save all documents of transactions and remittances;
  • Never agree to meet the criminals in person in order to receive a prize – you will not receive any money and you may be putting yourself in danger.
  • Contact your local police immediately and follow their advice.

Don’t forget: you cannot win a prize for a lottery in which you have never participated.”


Oh…and have fun 😉 Loki is running amok … Ciao!  Bastet!

The BBC Lottery…uhm

Hello!  So a Mrs. Debra Stephenson, whom I’ve never met before in my life, sent me an e-mail yesterday: object Xmas Award…

First of all, I never ever open my e-mail on my computer.  I haven’t had Outlook, Thunderbird or any other form of e-mail reader activated on my computer since 2003.  I just go to my mail servers and read what comes in there.  So…without worrying too much, I opened this very suspicious letter.

Second of all, the other day Michael at Morpethroad blog, sent me a comment about lottery tickets and I thought it’d be cool to write about the scams tied on these events, you know the false “You’ve Won!! post that pop up from time to time…but had no material, so I gave up the idea…now tell me people that the Akashic Library doesn’t exist!

Here’ the letter from Mrs. Stephenson:

Oggetto: Xmas Award
Data: 19/12/2013 11:53

Saturday December 14th, 2013.draw no. 1663
WINNING NO: (13 23 24 25 26 30 BONUS 04)

Your e-mail had won you 750,000.00 GBP. in the ongoing UK NATIONAL
visit and send

1.Name; 2.Address; 3.Phone Number; 4.Postal Code; 5.Occupation;

Note: That you are required to indicate b/w Bank Transfer Or Courier
Delivery as your claim options.

Congratulations from the entire BBC Staffs
Debra Stephenson.


So…what do you think…have I’ve just become a proud winner of 750,000.00 GBP?  Note, that I don’t buy lottery tickets,  British or other wise, I live in Italy, don’t subscribe to the BBC…though I may have registered with them a few years back.

This is not the first time that during this season I’ve received  a “You’ve Won!!!” email.  Some of the posts are really so laughable.  They usually want your bank account number or your retirement info.  This one is perplexing though…all I can say is:  really convincing.  But I’m not going to be sending my info to Mr. Tom Watson at  I’ve got enough spam mail popping up as is!

In the old days of snail mail, you’d often receive this sort of enthusiastic mail around Christmas…it usually came from some Book of the Month club or whatever, and if you chanced to fall for it, you found yourself with a two year contract you weren’t interested in or you bought something you’d never think to buy.  It happened to a friend of mine back in 1983.  He sent the card right back with all his info…and had a great subscription where he guaranteed he’d buy something like 500.000 lira of books in a year.

Have you ever recieved any e-mail like this?  What do you do when you get a:  “You’ve Won!!!….” e-mail or snail mail post?  What do you do with this sort invitation?  What do you feel like?

And of course if I have won 750,000 GBP and I don’t answer…I just blew it.  The doubt is there…all the things I could do with the money…sigh.

Have a great day folks and don’t let the Gremlin and Loki take you for a ride.

Just A Note: September 9, 2013

Hello World!


That was quite an interesting beginning wasn’t it.  This week has been an emotion packed week.  Not all good emotions either, but looking from a philosophical point of view, one must ask what is good and what is bad.  I’m not one of those persons who believes pain will make you grow nor do I believe that just looking at the bright side of life you will make things positive come your way.  Though I’ve seen that if one wishes to be hosanna-ed one can write extensively on either subject and many will read them in droves.

Some unforeseen problems have been making life a bit rocky for me at the moment, and sometimes that means I look at the keyboard for assistance because nothing wants to be written or read.  Some of my fellow bloggers also have been having their health and family problems which have kept them away from blogging and the place has been a little emptier without them.  Of course, life is an ebb and flow and I know that it’s only a question of time, then the metaphorical sun will rise again, adjustments having been made.  This is the real miracle of life in my opinion.


Barb Taub’s book “One Way Fare has been published and is for sale!  I’ve been watching over the months as Barb’s been progressing towards this happy day. I wish to offer my personal congratulations to Barb on this effort!  The link will take you to her announcement page, have a look!


As for my personal publishing efforts…they’re efforts.  Actually, I’ve never gone to a publisher yet.  I have more or less finished a first short story that might be acceptable to a magazine now that I’ve finished all my refining, retuning, re-editing to get rid of all the grammar, typo, tense and punctuation errors.  I’ve now sent it to my sister, who’s given it to a mutual friend, for final editing.

What’s the problem?  I don’t like what the story has become.  Could be because having spent so much time on it, I’ve just become weary of it.  However, one of my readers said that it was a “traditional” good read.  At that point I shuddered and a lot of my enthusiasm went out of the project.  So, I’ll have to do some re-thinking here.


I’m taking part in a daily Haiga challenge this month.  This is an interesting project too.  I’m using my photographs for the most part in this challenge, though I’ve continued to draw in my spare time, which isn’t much right now.

Golden Haiga

I’ve also become interested in Haibun, thanks to Ese’s Voice and the Ligo Haibun challenge.  I used the Haibun form also this week to write my Friday Fictioneers’ contribution.  It was interesting getting the story and the Haiku all in 100 words.

On the 13th Floor I’ve also published a Power Short prompt;  write a children’s story.  I discovered Power Shorts long before I came across Friday Fictioneers and though they are basically the same thing, my prompt furnishes a requested genre as well as a prompt.


Alas, oh sigh, I’m plagued with spam.  Each day I have to go to my comment page and weed the stuff out.  I could just do an empty spam, but unfortunately, sometimes not all the spam is spam.

This is a problem that is plaguing everyone as seen through Papizilla’s post on his new blog “The Literary Syndicate“…17 bits of spam on a blog just that had just opened!  By the way, besides this post on spam, Papi’s doing a good job on getting the word out about indie publishers in a big way, have a look.

However, there have been some spammers who’ve been able to infiltrate  the barriers of Askimet.  Two such spammers that came my way this week were via Tumblr and another site.  They made comments on an older post of mine which seemed kind of strange.  I looked them over and voilà, they were two lovely ladies (sic) who run an on-line sex site.  Of course I spammed them out of existence.

Yesterday though in answer to my post, “Thoughts: Women and Writing” I received this long comment which I’m copying and pasting:

Let’s start with breaking the ‘binary-gender roles’…when we no longer associate genitalia, with one’s capabilities, or entitlements…only then might we know the equalization of the human…

I believe that you’ll have to break the cultural typecasts to advance yourself…. and consider too, any mammalian instinctive behaviors…isn’t that why the human is presumably given the conscious mind…would it be to continue answering to the animal within?

Do you first wish to inspect my genitalia, or will my conscious-mind suffice?
Thank you…
-The ‘artist’ known as Malikoma
p.s. No butt-sniffing please!”

For this lovely answer a Gravitar was created ad hoc.  I haven’t approved the comment on my post, not because of its content, but because the Gravitar was created ad hoc.

Of course this person, whom I suspect to be a shy male 😉 (but one never knows) may be legitimate.  However, once I approve this, and unless I want to moderate each and every comment, this person can comment without approval on any post without moderation and I might be forced in future to take down the comment.  So I posted the comment here.  What do you think about these extemporaneous commenters?  Would you consider this a sort of censorship on my part?  Of course if you wish to reply, have the courage to do so openly instead of hiding behind a ad hoc Gravitar.

Yesterday on “Lucy’s Football” there was an interesting article about Spam and our “followers” many of whom are following just to spam.  The most disheartening thing about “followers” is that you can’t have them unfollow you.  Well, actually, I think you can spam them and they can’t comment on your posts anymore. Have a look at the post and tell me what you think, if you’ve got the time.

In Conclusion:

Tanka for Eric


Where has Eric gone?
his words are hidden, just gone
search I in my mail
uselessly to no avail

alas I found him, spammed!

For Eric Alagan

Now…I wonder…are others lost in the black hole of WP spam?  I didn’t realize that those over 92 remarks, marked spam may not be spam at all!