sunset in Padua – a tanka memoir – May 29, 2015

sunset in Padua

twittering birds
flit above parked cars
this spring evening
the sun sinks in the sky
as they walk towards home

the suitcase bumping
on cobbles and pot-holes
amiably talking
about nothing important
mother and son laughing

honeysuckle breeze
intoxicatingly sweet
wafts from the park
a man with his dog walks by
a cat on the wall watches

the river breeze
cools the warm evening
the water nearby
bubbles in a canal
crossed by an old bridge

the visitor smiles
breathing in serenity
looking at the sky
her snapshot catches the scene
to carry back to her home

© G.s.k. ‘15


Haiga Story – The Cat and the Pigeons – April 10, 2015


flying menace
stalking the cat
city thief

birds dive for dinner
the cat hisses

© G.s.k. ‘15

It’s a hard life for the cats of Burano.  Often people  put out a bit of food on the sidewalks in front of their homes for the stray cats of the island.  The gulls and the pigeons immediately start to stalk the cat … and as one distracts puss another dives in to take off with some of his lunch.  This reminded me of many a documentary I’ve watched with my children about the lions of Africa hounded by vultures trying to carry off some of their supper.  Of course, lions, being in a group easily control the situation.

Happy Easter! April 3, 2015

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAs I wrote in my ‘Just a Note’ at the beginning of the week, I’ll be gone for a few days for a brief vacation to Venice.  I hope you all have a wonderful time during this special weekend!  I’m not sure I’ll be able to post as I’m not sure if the WiFi will be actually working where I’m going (here everyone offers WiFi, but one never knows if it actually works, as I’ve often discovered).

In the mean time:

Happy Easter!!!


With love, Bastet