The Execution of the Sage – ABC Poem – October 16, 2016

Alas, alas there came a sigh
Barely heard above the wind that night.
Ceaseless thoughts of pandemonium
Devoured the ancient sage’s mind who whispered:
“Ergo, I’m doomed it would seem,
Featureless to become, forgotten!
Good Gad!  What a tawdry end –
Honoured once, but now forsaken!”

Ill treated by his King, this well-love sage,
Judged to be the wisest of all men
Knelt before his doom, under the axe
Laid upon his wizened neck.

Many a tear fell in the square that day, yet,
No one dared to take up his cause …
Odious is the lack of courage – ’tis
Prince among the pavid heartless masses.

Quake now people numbered are your days
Recall that moment, for now, you fall with your sage!
Slain because he took up your cause …
Thwarted by a king’s vanity and a people’s trepidation.

Under the grey November skies of his
Xenophobic country he died
Yielding his soul with this last phrase:
“Zounds but this steel is bloody cold!”

© G.s.k. ‘15

Circe the Witch Goddess – We Wordle with Red Wolf Poems

wordle19Circe the Witch Goddess

Grandmother sat by the warm fire
To begin the evening’s story
The children lay about the floor
She began to tell of Circe.

“Hear now children of wanton men,
Who sailed with brave bold Odysseus,
In a boat through the waterways
Of the Mediterranean …
Past siren’s hallucinations,
(Whom Odysseus escaped with wax and ropes)
Met they Cyclops and Calypso
Fought the sea that tempests did roil …
Then one day met a goddess witch.

They came upon the sparkling seas
Upon the island of Circe.
They docked their boat in her harbour,
Then walked inside her murky wood.
Not far from the witch goddess’ home,
Lions roamed there but did not kill,
Docile vision: otter with bears …
Foregrounding them to think of peace,
When in truth caution was far wiser.”

For you must know children, hear on …

“Her art, without brush or palette
Was grounded in magic herb lore
She created her potent potions
Dissecting plants and curving truth,
Creating spirals of illusion …
She’d  coil a man’s spirit like rope.

They came upon an edifice,
Near a curve and a bricked off cave,
They pulled their swords boldy, then saw,
A table of food and wine laid …
A vision a painter would love:
Perfect harmony and color!

Then a maiden with a sheep crook,
Welcomed the men and smiled demur:
“Strip off your dirty rags my friends …
I’ll call my maidens to bathe you …
Then you all shall feast and make love!”

‘Twas Circe in disguise, you see.
She tricked them all … no, one was wise,
He used forethought and hid away,
For he didn’t trust the lady.
And well for him he did hold back,
The others were turned into swine
And made to wallow in rank mud.
Eurylochus escaped this fate …
He ran then floated to his boat,
He warned Odysseus his master
Who left at once to save his men!”

(Children this is a very long tale,
There are many more verses still,
Before I go on with my story
I’ll have some soda to quench my thirst.)

“Now Hermes met Odysseus soon …


Red Wolf Poems – We Wordle 19

Barbara: docked, strip, used
Rick: brush, painter, palette
Misky: float, bricked, boat
Stimmyabby: hallucinations, crook, soda
Don: kill, edifice, dies
Jules: waterways, surface, otter
Irene: vision, art, foregrounding
Hannah: coil, spirals, ropes
Roslyn: roil, dissecting, truth
Sabra: murky, sparkling, curve
Bastet: Circe, wanton, wallow

This was a fantastic Wordle…and if I’m not mistaken, I think I got them all into the poem!


Wordleing with Red Wolf! (Fun Poem) May 22, 2014

wordle18Driving through the desert
The sky showed the first signs of dawn,
Hope of sleep would have been crushed
Had we not caught sight of some trees.

The camel walked on slowly,
A living ship indeed
For from its indolent idleness
It never seemed to stir.

I put my eye up to my spyglass
And looked long through the dark hole,
I spied there an Oasis
And Tuaregs having tea!

We arrived there shortly after,
To the spring (that was more like a ditch)
A Berber raised his apple red cup
And offered us a drink.

Shivers shook me I admit,
As I saw the froathy foam
In truth there were some bugs,
I hesitated at first …

But he was a generous host,
He made a proud tight bow
Adjusted his blue head cloth
And insisted that we sit down.

I raised the cup unto my lips
And sipped the resinous liquid.
Dark stains soon were on my mouth
For the tea was dark and sweet.

Fragile was the moment
As fragile as our thin hold on life
But then exclaimed I sincerely:
‘Your tea is like the kiss of the prophet!
As sweet as a desert night!’

A man who lives in the desert
Knows truthful words at once…
Hashim became my brother,
Our friendship sealed by tea.

Wordle #18 Red Wolf Poems

Here are the words, and bonne chance!

Bastet: eye camel living
Barbara: resinous crushed driving
Rick: sky sleep trees
Viv: idleness hope hold
Debi: shivers tight fragile
Hannah: truth knows words
Christopher: ditch kiss tea
Jules: sit cup cloth
Irene: dark hole door
Misky: apple stains thin
Yousei: stir foam dawn

The Speakeasy: Free Verse – Faithless Knight

pomegrantes and castle

Faithless Knight

She closed her eyes and took a deep breath.
Then walked the steep mountainous path,
(Wondering about her lover’s request,
The Dragon King watched over her from afar. Continue reading

Silly Poem: White Duck and White Swan

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I was a-walking
of an eve
down Riva way
when my eyes
set upon a scene
quite mysterious…

A worried white duck
was walking
on land
unable to swim…
for an angry white swan
with his hackles up
was in the water
waiting for him!

I cannot imagine
what the fight was about
but could fancy
the duck,
in his ducky way
quacking consternation
in a sonorous
“What the fu…frack
is your problem jack!”

The swan held his wings
in the angry swan way
and came near the shore
keeping his eye on the duck…
if the latter
tried to enter
the cool water
the swan would hiss at him
and keep him away!

This drama had gone on
for quite a long while
as tourists (and I)
looked on
to see how it’d go.
I think we were all routing
for the duck
at this point
for the swan was much bigger
and could do so much harm…
we all sympathise
with an underdog!

The swan
swam away,
went under the bridge
and cautiously
the duck
made a dive
into the water he went
with much happy splashing!

When to our horror
what did we see!
The swan had been hiding
setting a trap
and began swimming
at a great speed
his head down
right for the duck!

White duck
took to swimming
as fast as he could
his wings were a flapping
his quacking

The children
were yelling:
go ducky go!
As around and around
in the water
they flew!

The white duck
walked on the water
went under a bridge
then into the reeds
and out of the pond
lickity split!

The white swan
then swam in the water
his wings curled back
his head
arrogantly high
just who was the boss!