My Sister – June 30, 2014

WARNING!  This is not one of my usual poems, it’s more a reflection perhaps.  Yesterday a woman jumped off Riva’s clock tower, which you’ve seen very often in my posts.

My Sister

I read sweet lines of poetry
Built in majestic symmetry
Clothed in shrouds of haunting rhyme
Born in life’s too sad tragedies.

Metaphors and obscure wordplay,
Powerful wordy artistry,
Delights me as I read the fruit
Of word weavers at their very best.

Broken hearts and broken dreams
Flow weeping on white pages.
Romantic tragic harmony,
Tears my hear from out my breast.

And then there are the angry words
Denouncing worldly savagery …
War, death self-righteous pageantry
With blistering ringing tones.

Oh to have that craftsmanship,
For the homage that I want to write.
For a sister who left life in tragedy
A rainy summer day in June.

A woman jumped off Riva’s Tower
Yesterday as it struck the hour,
Before the eyes of hundreds passing,
And still no one knows why.

What might have made a difference?
Why did she see no hope?
I avoided looking at her corpse,
Though I saw her just the same.

My feeble words just can’t express
The futility that I feel:
They’re just a cloud of emptiness,
Dust motes swirling in my brain.

No, I don’t know who she was,
Where she’d been or why she jumped.
But I wished I’d had the power,
To touch her and hold her back.

Faceless she walks beside me,
Not knowing her, yet I write for her.
This homage is for her, my sister,
She walked her path the best she could.

Reflections in Gray – Haibun

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt would be so easy.  Just sit back, put on a little music and then drift.  The weather is fantastic.  The sun somehow reminded him of the summer back in 1978…the Bee Gee’s music was big back then and his daughter Mary,  came into the world.

‘Staying Alive’, runs through his mind as he looks back at all the changes that have occurred since then.  Doesn’t even seem like the same planet at times.

“Hey Josh…What are you up to, buddy?” Kevin said.  He’d been jogging in the park when he caught sight of his old friend.

“Just sitting here thinking about how short life is, how things never stay the same, you know what I mean.”

“Sure, but that’s what makes life interesting, no?  The change I mean.  Something always new popping us, keeps me on my toes, kind of really aware that life is fantastic!   So, when will you know about Mary?”

“Stephen will give me a call this afternoon, the operation should be over by then.  I’m sure we’ll have good news.  Everything’s going to be ok!” he said it, but somewhere inside there was a little voice that whispered that things weren’t going to be ok.

It had been a long hard winter.  He’d lost his wife, his best friend had had a heart attack and now his daughter was being operated on for cancer.  He felt the bottle of pills in his pocket…it would be so easy.

time’s passing
the shadowy residue
colors life gray

Speakeasy #152

You must include the following sentence ANYWHERE within your submission: “It would be so easy.

The Temple – Ligo Haibun

mountain clouds

mountain clouds


The Temple

The teenager  walked up the hill-side thinking of her sadness, the dark moments of her life.  She felt empty without any hope of being able to go further.  She contemplated ending her pain, just not going on.

At the top of the hill, she saw an old woman. She stood looking out over the countryside below.

The scene was beautiful beyond words.  The low-laying clouds drifted below where she stood, looking like a Chinese painting that she’d once seen of  islands in the China sea.

The girl looked at the older on and then looked out over the sea of clouds.  A white bird flew overhead.  The wind whispered, she felt very very small.

“Sometimes it may seem, that life has no meaning. It’s hard to feel like that when you see a sight light this, isn’t it.” said the old woman.

The girl looked at her doubting the older woman could know anything about life without a meaning.  “Yeah, that true.” she answered laconically.

“Sometimes, one can think that it is easier to just end it all, maybe jump off a high cliff like this one, n’est pas?” she said this almost with a smile in her voice.

“Do I know you? Have we met?” the girl asked.

“No child, we’ve never met, but I know you.  I’ve come here often over my long life…and I know the look I see in your eyes, the weight I pulling your shoulder’s down.  What you feel today, I too have felt, not once but often.  Those feelings, but most of all, going forward leaving those feeling behind has built this temple that is my life. Come, let’s go have a cup of tea, and you will tell me what has happened.”

They strolled arm in arm down the hill the girl talking the old woman listening.

life’s endless cycle
generations pass and meet
no empty temples

I wrote this post for Ligo Haibun’s February 7, 2014  word prompt (Temple and Empty…I decided not to choose between the two)…and I also wrote it for Suicide Prevention week Feb 2 to 8th – Québec

Senryu: First Light

first light of new day
let not the wasteful inhibit
the beauty that is life

I wrote the following Free Verse poem, after hearing that a young person had senselessly taken his life.  The problem in our current society, is that often the young, facing a world that has little or no roads open to them, fall into drug or alcohol abuse, fall into depression and sometimes, yes they suicide, leaving the terrible feeling of loss in the hearts of those that love them.

This poem was not written for a single young person, but for all the young people in our heartless age,  the saddness I felt then was inspired by the news of yet another young person lost.

I found out yesterday, that that  youth who had been announced as being dead, Shane Ellis, is in fact, very much alive and was only simulating his death, with the help of his friends, here on WordPress and on Facebook.  In  the face of the true tragedies that have stricken people, I find this to be one of the most despicable tasteless things I’ve seen in a long time.

People have stopped blogging, have written they’re having problems, have basically moved on either giving their reasons or not.  But to willfully deceive in this manner, leaves me absolutely without words.  I re-share this as a catharsis, above all for myself, as I reflect on just how low a person can go to call attention to himself or herself.  And then as I said in my Senryu…

first light of new day
let not the wasteful inhibit
the beauty that is life

and will move on.

Life Prevails

i think to hide behind Bastet
and ignore the sadness that life daily presents
of youthful folly that is too serious
so i banter
and speak of happiness.
but think you i have no eyes to see
life’s daily senseless tragedies
that tears might not fall
from these  old eyes
that have seen more than can be disguised?
oh lovely youth, your helplessness
scares me more than gives me bliss!
Your fragile confidence is based
on longings to find that special place
rightfully yours if you may conquer it…
but you, like i when i was young,
know not from where the  win will come…
and fear inside you that you might be won
and so in the end be lost.
and of those who are less fortunate…
i’ve known you, you are part of my intimate
the part of me who looks and sighs
that part of me that helplessly cries
for talent lost in indolence
because you’ve lost your innocence
and wallow now in impotence…
and so have chosen to live
but yet have died.
and now…
as tears grow cold
alas as i grow old…
i know
that life is  just this,
this solitary bliss…
a thoughtless bane
which continues just the same
though tragedy