Just a note: November 18, 2013

Hello World!

Well, my life issues haven’t panned out yet, and if anything last week might just have been the lowest moment I’ve seen in ages.  However, as the Beatles once said, with a little help from my friends things are getting a little better.

Lone Gull

Lone Gull

Hopefully this week will see me back to my old peppy self.  That is my plan anyway.  I’d really like to thank everyone for their patience.  I know I haven’t been reading your work as often as I used to and often I’m not commenting, but all that takes time that I just don’t have.  I’d like to sincerely thank two great people who’ve so sweetly pointed out my punctuation errors (Summerstommy and Sustainabilitea). My editing has been a bit shoddy.

So, to begin this week…I published a haiga choice page…that is, I was able to put together a (well three) haiga, “collaging” two photos together…but  I’m not sure which I really prefer, so I’ve put it up to the vote.  I would be so happy if you’d give me your opinion!

A special thanks now goes to Ilka from Simplyilka for her nomination for the “One Lovely Blog Award” withe these lovely words: “Please know that there are no rules for this award, so please accept it and display it proudly on your blog or keep it as my appreciation for you and your blog.”  I don’t usually accept or post awards…the reciprocating is difficult, but this was so very timely…thanks Ilka.

Sahm King has announced that he will be back to work from his vacation on WDBWP this week, so I will go back exclusively to my Pixelventures.  That place was rattling!  There’s nothing like an empty pub to depress a body!

So…I’m off to get some blogging done here and at Through the Eye of Bastet, where I haven’t been posting as much as I’d like!

Have a great week folks…and cheers!

Georgia (Bastet)


Akashic Library: Lord Oberon and Queen Titania for Tea

shooting through sunglasses

The other day, Sekhmet decided to invite Lord Oberon and Queen Titania over for tea.  This was a rather unusual affair, as anyone who knows Sekhmet must realize she believes that other’s should invite her and not the other way around.

But there’s a story here to be read to understand Sekhmet’s invitation. Continue reading