Tackle Tuesday – Veracity – September 16, 2014

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For Carpe Diem’s voyage with Swami Sivanada today I will be looking into – veracity.

Today we walk on, on our path along the 18-ity’s of Swami Sivananda and this week it’s all about reliability and credibility. Don’t overreact. Don’t turn the facts. Say the truth, don’t talk un-truth. Stay true to yourself. How credible are you, if you say this and do something else? Than you are not credible. For example: Someone asks you to do something for him/her, but you don’t like what they ask of you, and you are not willing to do it for him/her. What are you doing than? Can you be honest and friendly and respectful? Yes … I think that is what you can do. Ask if you can do it later or say that you don’t want to do it. be honest. If someone asks you something, but you don’t know the answer? Than be honest and tell him/her that you don’t know it.


I thought immediately of Shakespeare’s famous quote from Hamlet : “Be to thine own self true” (Hamlet – Act 1 Scene 3) when I saw this subject today.  Another thought came to mind as well, the famous zen koan about not mistaking the moon in the pond for the real moon.  But here is a koan to reflect upon as well:

All sentient beings are essentially Buddhas.
As with water and ice, there is no ice without water;
apart from sentient beings, there are no Buddhas.
Not knowing how close the truth is,
we seek it far away
–what a pity!
Hakuin Ekaku Zenji

So first and foremost, I think,  we must learn the truth about ourselves … break through the illusions of learnt “reality” and the little tricks we’ve adopted to hide ourselves from ourself, because of vanity, fear, training whatever.  First and foremost, before we can try to seek the truth of the world, we must understand the truth of ourselves.


in the pond
shimmering in cool water
moon reflections

her mirror image
a misted  reality
putting on makeup

making promises
tomorrow ‘s sun will shine
a child’s innocence

my humanity
the infinite  universe
a spider’s web

© G.s.k. ’14

Tackle Tuesday – Serenity – August 5, 2014

diamondsToday I’m writing this post for the first of a series of new prompts by Chèvrefueille of Carpe Diem Haiku Kai called Tackle it Tuesday.  This is a new WordPress blog and will be a weekly haiku-meme!

The first episode is dedicated to “serenity”. Here’s how the post begins … but i’d suggest you follow the link for the full post!

This first episode is called “Serenity” and it is based on the philosophy of Sri Swami Sivananda (1887-1963) who ‘composed’ the song of the 18-ity. He was born in the south of India and studied medicine. He worked as a doctor several years in Malaysia. After that he settled in Rishikesh at the foot of the Himalayans where he devoted his life to yoga and the spreading of it.


So the first “ity” is serenity … this is Chevrèfeuille’s Haiku:

deep silence
at the top of the mountain
I discover myself

© Chèvrefeuille


Serenity is the first “ity” of 18 which we should contemplate, trying to make each one a part of us.  This morning I meditated on a plant.  The poor thing seemed as though it was destined to extinction … but yesterday it sprouted a new shoot after laying months dormant.  The feelings I felt seeing this little, for me,  miracle gave me a wonderful calm fulfilling feeling, that I’d call serenity.

pushing skywards
a sprout – harbinger of life
dawning serenity

© G.s.k. ’14

Our human life can be a whirl-wind of strife and pain … but if for one moment we can visualize the reality that life is more than just our personal outlook, we can glimpse a wider picture.  That picture is in the here and now … the instant of existence.