Just A Note … December 18, 2105

Hello World …

I’ve been having a bit of problems the last few days fighting windmills and bouncing off rubber walls … getting nowhere fast, except into a state of frustrated anger. This morning I poured my reflections out in a bi-lingual haibun – Italian with an English translation.  I don’t usually like to pour my personal problems out into the ethereal void that is virtual reality, but this morning I just felt I had not only to write my reflections, but I needed to have someone read them.  I even put a link to the post on Facebook.

Once I’d done that, I felt a surge of energy and decided that I would solve my problem by myself and dismiss the persons who were supposed to help me.  Before doing that I called one last time to one of the two persons and was able to make enough contact to finally get the ball rolling again.  The haibun didn’t help, in the sense that I’m sure neither of the two persons read it or would even have understood it, but it helped me to touch that part inside that was hurting and give me the energy to go beyond the problem and therefore, so it seems, find a way to solve the problem (in Italy one keeps one’s fingers crossed just in case until the very last i is dotted).  I’ll be back to my normal posting mode tomorrow.

I’d like to thank you readers who read the haibun and for your patience, your contribution was precious.