The Funeral of Al-Naash – Choka – December 13, 2014


From Egypt came one
Sent by Seshat and Thoth
With a book of song
And wisdom of the past
Into the land of Cush
When the flooding soon grew near
To save all knowledge
A book was sent to each land –
And to Al-Naash one
Passing over Al Jadi.

Of Al-Naash we know little
His name is now lost
Al Jadi slew him in wrath,
Envy and lust.
Al Jadi:  navigator,
Leader of people
Across the wide deserts
Through mountains and woods,
Snubbed by great Thoth
For his lustful haughty ways.

Al Jadi was proud
And loved Al-Naash’s wife
Envied him his sons
And his quiet wisdom.
The messenger came
From out of now lost Khem,
Bringing the missive
To Al-Naash in his hut
But Al Jadi’s spies
Brought the news to their lord.

 Al Jadi went to Naash,
He raved and he threatened –
Al Jadi killed him
And stole the wisdom of Thoth!
Saddened sweet Seshat –
For she in her omniscience
Knew of the crime –
Ordered the skies to open.

All men may now see
The funeral bier passing
Al-Naash’s loved ones
Follow close behind mourning
Alkaid with Mizar
Alioth covered in ashes
And off from the rest
Al Jadi is alone
A guide cut off from glory.

 Look at the stars
On a clear frosty night
A tragedy
For all wanderers to see
A wise man’s passing

© G.s.k. ‘14

Looking for more information about the story behind the Arabic tale of Al Naash and the Constellation of the Bear, that was presented by Jen for this week’s Tale Weaver’s Prompt,  I Googled “Al Nash and Al Jadi – Constellation of the Bear” and came upon a group on Yahoo – Language of Cosmic Love, A to Z.  I used some of the mythology that I found there to create this choka – I’m using the short – long – short form of choka instead of following syllables.

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