Foreshadow 3: The Weekly Photo Challenge


When we were only children
we’d lay out in the clover
watching as the clouds
rolling, passed over slowly

We’d see sometimes a dragon
or maybe it’d be a horse,
(a sheep was just too banal)
a camel would do of course!

This way the summer’d pass
as we laid out in the grass
our heads up in the clouds
not knowing that with winter
our childhood would be gone.

Now we’ve become those beings,
described by Saint-Exupéry
thinking things of consequence
never looking up at clouds.

We don’t believe in planets,
owned by little princes.
Nor of haunty red roses
defended by glass bells.

And if by chance we do look up
it’s portents that we seek
of storms that are foreshadowed
or the heaven that we seek.

My rhyme it is a solemn song
of childhood’s quick sad passing
unless of course you are like me
and watch the dragons flying!

This post was specifically created for the Word Press Weekly Photo Challenge evoking what foreshadow is to me.

Silly Poem: Blurry Cat

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANot what the is that!
You might quite rightly ask
and I will look at you quite jauntily…
and tell you: it’s a cat!

If it’d been back in ’52…
I’d not even have made the effort
’cause at 4:30 in the morning…
it’s just
wasted film,
I must agree with you!


There can be something said
about these
new-fangled cameras
and of shooting photos at night,
without even some decent light…

(though blurry white cats upon a wall
are just not an artistic effect
and I shouldn’t ruin my reputation
by publishing it at all…)

It’s:  what the it’s such a lark!
taking pictures in the dark…
and in the end it yet may be used
as an inspirational spark!


Unlike the pilot in the Little Prince
I’ll not allow those grown-ups
in their haunty ignorance
curtail me in my artist interests!

So..white kitty isn’t really clear I know
but I’m sure that you see him now!
For by writing this here poem
as photographer I’ll take a bow!

Cat on the Wall

This one was taken with my phone! Makes you wonder why you have a camera at times!