Haiku Shadows – Shooting Stars – July 14, 2014

The classical (5-7-5) haiku prompt from Carpe Diem Haiku Family, the WordPress version of Carpe Diem Haiku Kai is shooting stars:

IMG_8505n3Photo by Brocken Inaglory via Wikimedia Commons

August star showers
laying under the clear sky
San Lorenzo’s night

white star lit rain falls
the sky dances in August
San Lorenzo’s night

On August 10th, people get together a picnic dinner, pull out blankets and go to a mountain plain here in Trentino.  Free from light pollution, the skies are clear and the stars seem very close.  When the first of the rain of stars begin people lay back and enjoy the show, toasting with wine … and making wishes.  Hopefully this year we’ll have a cloud free August 10th though with all the rain we’ve had, there’s no guarantee! By the way the phenomenon actually lasts for quite a few days, but here, the night of August 10th is considered the apex of the shooting star season.

Free Verse: June 4th 2013

I sat upon a blanket
looking at the sky
it was the night of San Lorenzo
when the stars fall from the sky.

Rememberèd I my mother’s words
When I was very young
that I should wish upon a star
as it falls down upon the Earth.

I wish it was San Lorenzo now
I long to see the shooting stars
and wish that all the hurt there is
would soon leave my weary heart.

What is the problem my fellow-man?
Why must we always think
that an idea is so important,
that our pleasure needs fulfillment
at the cost of innocents?

Why must we push
forever forward
never thinking of the price
in order to gain our profit
or to fulfill our vice.

Why can’t we just be loving
why can’t we just be free
from the stupidest illusion
that I is better than we.

So today I heard some stories
today I heard a poem
today I read of news from China
and heavy is my heart.

Today I read a young man’s poem,
he wished his modest wishes
of love and work and happiness
and when once he was fulfilled,
that they were not the things he thought.

Today I heard of war
today I heard of murder
And heavy is my heart
And tears now fill from my eyes.

Oh my dear fellows
my friendsmy loves!

Is there nothing more than
falling stars
to make us see the light?
Have we not yet come to realize
that our life is but an illusion?
That in the face of the Universe
our opinion counts as nil?
That nothing is worth the death
of even one single person?
This is such a lovely world
with so many lovely things
why are we not yet worthy
to receive that love and return it
and our human destiny thus to fulfill.

Mu and Yu
work hand in hand
the material and the spirit
but if we cannot go one step beyond
our ephemeral ego
we die
without a shooting star
to save us from our folly.

 June 4th 2013.