Red Wolf Poems – Wordle # 30 (with a twist) – November 8, 2014

I elaborate the ritual and
Tolerate your shallow make-up.
… Just incinerate these candles glowing – and
Then perforate these slack silver letters…
I exasperate demands for love
And create my potions with great care.

By the fireplace sit, drink my magic wine
Known as Love Potion Number 9.

(c) G.s.k. ’14


Here are the eight words from Red Wolf Poems:

candle, wine, silver, shallow, letter, demands, fireplace, slack

And we have TWO twists this week:

Take these five extra words that rhyme, and include them in any way you wish in your poem. Use them for internal rhymes or end-line rhymes.

elaborate, tolerate, perforate, incinerate, exasperate

Write your poem in the Present Simple Tense. Here’s a link for a definition and a game to play, if you wish.