Yesterday’s Posts – September 7, 2014



September 5, 2014

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September 6, 2014

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Yesterday’s Posts – August 18, 2014

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis is two days of Yesterday’s Posts …

August 16, 2014

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August 17, 2014

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Yesterday’s Posts – July 11, 2014


I know how reading the reader and keeping up with the e-mail flash notifications can be difficult.  Plus, I don’t just blog on The Library so here is a round-up of my yesterday’s posts –  all in one convenient post!

Have a great day blogging!  Ciao!  Bastet

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Haiku … Ducks May 24th 2014

the locals mixed with tourists
on a warm spring day

with a subtile quack
they discreetly laid them down
enjoying the shade

humans laid around
but little did this matter
the ducks owned the beach

Last Sunday, we went to Lake Garda for a few hours just to relax and as I was laying on the grass these two ducks decided to come and keep me company … to see the full series of photos go to Through the Eye of Bastet and have a peek!

Sunday Walk in Verse – Haibun

This morning the rain, is falling again, not really heavy, more like a thin mist.  Watered down gruel rain, one could call it or thin oatmeal rain. A messy mushy rain. Fact is, I’m tired of rain and thinking of rain and seeing rain!  Thank heaven’s I have my imagination, so today, I’ll take a Sunday walk in my imagination!

The grass, is a tender green, spring has just begun.  First blooms are blossoming at last, the swallows have begun to return and over past few weeks the blackbirds have been wooing their lady loves with their beautiful warbling song.

The sun is warm this morning on my back as I begin this early morning walk from Bolognano to the lake down in Torbole.  The warm air is a delight to my soul after the long dark and dreary winter.  Of course, we never got the really bad snow falls and storms that hit most of Europe, the United States and Canada.  I was happy to see that the sun has finally melted off the last of the snow and the temperatures have risen, even there!

Today, my first walk to the lake.  It’s been awhile since I’ve done that!  So, off I go, but first a stop off at Arco for breakfast and then…to the bike path and on to Torbole!  What a beautiful day!

springtime in my mind
blackbirds, swallows and sunshine

(now, to complete this walk, take a click over to Through the Eye of Bastet!)

Just a Note: 23 September 2013

Hello World!

morning shot b&w

Last week, I completed separating my blog!  Those of you who’ve been reading my blog, will of course have noticed that I’m using a new theme.  In point of fact, it’s the theme I started out with back in January but had changed in March.  The only difference being that I’ve decided to use a dark background that will exalt the photographs and images of my posts.  It’s also a little easier on the eyes and has “foot bars” which is useful.  The links are in green by the way instead of the classical blue. Oh and the name is slightly changed:  Bastet and Sekhmet’s Library.

With the new format, I also began to weed out old reblogs, update categories and retire some of my older work that has little to do with my present subject matter.  Now all the poems have their own category and are no longer in the global generic category: Poetry, and believe me that was a long haul, I never realized how much I’d written!.

I’ve still got to finish removing the old photographic work from the Library, they have already been exported to Through the Eye of Bastet, which is the name of the new blog, just in case you didn’t know!  I also updated the About page, but left the Front Page is the same…I may go read it and update it soon, but it will remain “as is” for the most part.

I also blog elsewhere.  Most of you know this, some may not.

I blog with WDBWP as editor under the main title of Pixelventures, three posts concerning photography:  one a prompt (Tuesday), the other a closing of the previous prompt (Wednesday) and the third a general “whatever I can get together about photography” post (Saturday).

On the 13th Floor Paradigm I post as author: I write about Japanese poetry from time to time, last week I tried to get into what a Haiku and Senryu are for us in the West.  I’ve also done a writing prompt which I’ve decided to make a Sunday (Weekly) event dedicated to Power Shorts.  This blog is a fairly new blog.  The result of encounters between 13 poets and writers.  We have a vague idea of creating a meeting place, where we can showcase different aspects of writing (poetry and prose) and blogging in a radical way, radical as in roots. Go to the home page and you can see some of the articles written so far!   It hasn’t really taken off yet though but I have high hopes that it’ll eventual find its direction.

And enfin, I write for the Poet’s Corner now as author under the category:  Georgia.  I’m there because I wanted to write among poets and see what real poets think about how I write.  “Real” as in people who specialize in poetry, unlike me who is a bit like a chaotic butterfly that flits here and there. (I transfer my poems onto the Library so my community can read them.)

Now this may seem a lot, but basically it’s what I would have done anyway on Bastet and Sekhmet.  Writing on different blogs only means that I write on a specific subject for one blog or another.

The price paid this week though is the backlog of reading that I’m never going finish, as I was commenting with Tamrahjo yesterday.  Once you fall behind on the reading you never ever get current again.  I don’t “easy like”, though in these cases I really feel tempted to do so,  just so people will know I haven’t abandoned my community.

This was the week that was!  I didn’t talk to about my writing!  I’ve been doing a daily Haiga challenge, experimenting with poetic forms, I’ve written a few short short stories, participated in a couple of photographic challenges etc. etc. etc.

This week I’m going to continue with experimentation of poetic forms, continue the daily Haiga and Haiku, write a few short short stories, play around with photographs, read my reader and comments and notifications and reply to them…uhm, well, in a few words, what I always do, no?

Ciao!  Thanks for dropping by and have a great week blogging!


Just A Note: 16 September 2013

Hello World!



Well, as you saw, maybe, from my Just a Note Flash..which is a sticky note, I’ve opened another blog that goes by the name of Through the Eye of Bastet.  The idea is to keep Bastet and Sekhmet for written work and pass all the photography (except for Haiga and the like) over to that blog.  I’ve also slightly changed the name of this blog, it is now Bastet and Sekhmet’s Library…I was going to call it the Akashic Library, as all inspiration according to some people’s belief comes from there, but I was afraid that the name would probably invite people who were looking for esoteric stuff.

A Sunday Walk, Painting the town Red, and Photo Challenges of various sorts will also go over to Through the Eye, except for Ese’s Shoot and Quote, which I feel is a more literary sort of work.  Wordless Wednesday will be posted on both blogs.

For the moment all the older Sunday Walks and Painting the town Red etc still be seen here.  Most of the Photo Challenges have been exported over to Through the eye, except Pixelventures which soon will be.  Once I’ve finished the exodus, these posts will be removed from Bastet and Sekhmet, except for those that contain my poetry.  (I’m hoping that removing the photographic posts will also remove the photos from the media library, if not, I’ll have to go and remove them one by one!)  Those photo posts with my poetry will be renamed and re-categorized.

Which brings me to what I’ve been doing over the past 6 days…creating new categories for the work I’ve done up to now! Removing old service re-blogs that no longer are important and sometimes re-editing or finishing a poem that was forgotten (like Rambling of Love which had been sitting unfinished since June!)  Long Slog!!!

Now, once finished, I’ll change theme here.  I hope to find a theme which I can use to divide the poetry from the narrative and another place for reblogs…don’t know if anything of the sort exists, but one never knows!

I’ve got a few ideas of what I want to do for my part of the 13th Floor Paradigm  For the mo’ I’ll keep that quiet, a sort of surprise, but basically I’ll be following up on things I’ve started.


Unfortunately, two of my favorite bloggers have had some difficulties, in real word, which have kept them away from us.  M.E. McMahon‘s Danny had some serious health problems and has been in hospital, I’m sure you all will join me in wishing him and her the best.

Barb Taub‘s Mother, unfortunately passed away last week.  For every ex-pat the one fear that we have is being so far away when our family needs us.  Fortunately Barb was able to go home and be with her Mom for her mother’s last week on Earth.  Join me in offering our warmest sympathies to Barb and her family.


The only thing I have to add at the moment is that on Thursday my conversation meetings begin again…which to me is a sure-fire confirmation that the summer is over, as if I needed any confirmation!  The Saturday the 21st is of course is fall equinox!

Have a great week people doing what you do best. Bye 🙂

Just a Note: Through the Eye of Bastet

Hello world!

From the Station where I'd parked my moped.

From the Station where I’d parked my moped.

I thought I’d make this official!  Bastet now blogs on her own!  That’s right, I’ve opened a new blog dedicated to photography called: Through the Eye of Bastet.  I’ve already transferred many of the photographic posts I’ve done here over to that blog, and shortly will continue the migration.  Once completed, all those posts will be deleted from Bastet and Sekhmet.

The Sunday Walk and Painting the Town Red, as well as all photographic challenges will have their home on Through the Eye, so if you like this series, you’ll need to go there to see them in future.  In the meantime, I’ve already published two photo posts there a Wordless Wednesday (which will remain common to both blogs) and a Weekly Challenge dedicated to an Unusual Point of View.  I consider haiga poetry though so they will stay right here on Bastet and Sekhmet.

I’m also cleaning up my categories here as well as clearing up some older less professional posts.  This blog will be for poetry and short stories etc and Bastet as usual will furnish the images for those posts 😉  If I could I’d add to my original title: From the Akashic Library, but i don’t think I can.

Oh! Do you remember that We Drink published an anthology of poets recently?  I’d like to know how I can make it available from this blog?  Anyone know how to do that?

I almost forgot…Just a Note will remain on Bastet and Sekhmet appearing as usual on Monday morning or when something special comes up.

Thanks for reading and see you very soon!  Have a great week!