Time Differences – May 29, 2014 (Free Verse

Eventide---time at duskRight now it’s 11:48 am
My friend’s sleeping it’s 5.58 am
The gentleman poet watches TV, it’s 8: 58 pm
And in Singapore it’s  5:58 pm

The clock keeps ticking as I write
For me it’s noon, for them it’s night
And in the North of America early morn
What’s happening in Argentina, I just don’t know …

The world once so small has shrunk
Communication’s instant  and here’s our luck
That each moment of our day we see,
The whole community,  from sea to shining sea …

And yet it still seems so strange,
As I wake-up – here at dawn
My American friends are going to bed
And my Australian friends are having lunch.


Poetry Prompt 28 – Time Difference