Morning Haiku and Waka -Time – February 8, 2016

clock tower two

time passes or maybe not
the tower clock

looking at the past
old photographs and films
– bright illusions

where is yesterday
where tomorrow
a leaf falling


even for the mean
there will be a reckoning
and their spiteful deeds
will be opened to the sun
the past will catch them
and all their wormy sickness
soon everyone will see
what bides behind illusions
of false honeyed words
but eventually they fall
these self-proclaimed holy men

an empty illusion
life a passing dream
infamy – senseless egos
caught up in samsara


Time is of course something we use to mark the passing of our presence on Earth. Is time actually a reality.  It would seem that some people give more importance to time than others.  It would also seem that time can be a cultural affair to be interpreted wherever one happens to be.  Perhaps what we call time, which more often than not is just how we organize our social affairs, is just a man-made invention and has nothing to do with the universe.  Where is the reality of yesterday?  Can you touch it, smell it – what colour is it.  Where is the reality of tomorrow?  Five seconds ago is already out of our reach and five minutes from now unattainable.  The reality is that my conscious self is here now – and now it’s gone.

here and now
in illusions

© G.s.k. ‘16


Morning Waka and Haiku – November 26, 2015

clock tower two

on a pendulum
called time – swinging to and fro
like life – jazz

outside my snow globe
the sun didn’t rise today
and the moon wanes
children still play in the parks
somewhere a raven – sings

snow globes and clocks
illusions of time and space
until the snow falls

© G.s.k. ‘15

Sometimes I write a tanka or haiku in my comments to a post … this morning the first haiku (which should be called American Haiku) was written for Chris at “The Muscleheaded Blog” for his lovely quote by Jack Kerouac … the second for was written a great poem created by Randy Maize at –  “The Writer’s Village”,

Soliloquy No Renga – “moon rise” by Basho – May 30, 2015


tsuki shiro ya hiza ni te o oku yoi no yado

moon rise
holding their hands on their knees
evening at a house

© Basho (Tr. Jane Reichhold)

reflecting on the moon rise
a long past spring evening

half-moon or full
laughing smiles and harmony
a hooty owl

mother in the kitchen
father drinking his rye

commenting moon shine
to pass away the night hours
young lovers smile

thinking of their love’s desire
forbidden for a while

future yet unknown
their passion would blossom
under a full moon

wedding bells pealed in June
now they watch young lovers

under a moon rise
sitting primly on the swing
evening at home

the moon smiles her wisdom
another owl hoots his song

© G.s.k. 15

Today’s episode on Carpe Diem Haiku Kai by Basho is a hokku … the beginning stanza of a renga.  Chèvrefeuille to challenge us has requested we write an eight stanza response known as a “soliloquy no renga” … which is what I’ve attempted to do with the series of haiku above – I imagine parents recalling their courtship as they watch their child courting under a moon rise.

Life, Death and Time – Haiku – August 7, 2014

3ef38-quotesaboutmovingon0243-245quotesaboutdeath10falling leaves
trees are bare sunshine bleak
ducks fly south

early morning sun
the day quickly passes
nightingale sings

the cemetery
flowers on the graves wither
gentle rain falls

crying baby
mother offers her breast
at the sidewalk café

Written for Mindlovesmisery’s Menagerie

Early Mourning Walk – Free Choka



early mourning walk
passing worlds forever gone
unclear the new road
unclear the passage
these days slip by and life ends
contemplating change
thinking about tomorrow …
hours tick past like a time bomb
without reflection
without a reason …
an illusion of freedom
with these make-believe choices …
we are a parenthesis
anonymous and nameless
alive just for a moment
in Universal chaos
our ambition over-blown
for we’ll always be unknown
it’s a folly, life,
these words chase themselves
around and around
as the morning sun rises
on an eternal
early mourning walk.

Friday Fictioneers – 7 March 2014 – Eternity a Free Verse

Copyright – Danny Bowman

Copyright – Danny Bowman


The bird flew
and sharpened his beak
on a mountain
for over a billion years,
until the mountain,
was nearly completely consumed.
He wondered where he would go,
once the mountain was no more …
Would the world end?
Would the universe implode?
Time passed and still,
there was a tiny mound …
So, yet he continued
Though he was afraid …
His life-style he could not change.
So like some humans
that we all know,
who would continue in their ways …
Though life may end
on some dark day
when the means of their prosperity,
has been consumed,
leaving nothing
but dust.

Friends in Time – Free Verse


time for me is such a mystery
it’s dawnright now but night in the West,
then now my friend down in the South
you’re half-way through “my day” right now
and there you type almost into tomorrow
as the clock that ticks inside my house
knowing nothing of EST or GMT
so sitting here in this very moment
I chat with you both from my computer
dear friends in Canada and Australia
it boggles my mind…there you are chatting
from your snowy or heat stricken world
as you visit with me at dawn in Italy!
Dedicated to: Traces of Soul and Morphethroad


Haibun: Time

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Funny how memory works.  When I was a little girl,  everything seemed to be so very big; trees, staircases, people, furniture, everything was huge!  Can you imagine two straight back chairs that when placed side by side could make a crib for a 3-year-old. I recreated just such a crib for you in a series of photographs above, it was an easy thing to do since the idea has stuck in my memory from so many years!

What about time…how quickly everything passes by now at 62.  24 hours to a person my age is more like a full week to a child of 3 to 5!  At that age, everything is a discovery.  Everyone was so wonderfully fuller, more complete and so much nicer or nastier.  There’s something hyper-real in the workings of a child’s mind.  I’ve often thought that as a childwe couldn’t imagine how the day would end, it’s always a surprise, whereas now, we’ve programmed our day until there is nothing left to surprise us.

An adult remembers his past differently, too.  He colors the past with emotions so that the past changes, people change and indeed even the world changes. And though I remember those two chairs as being the most comfortable bed I’ve ever slept in, experimentation in later years has convinced me that I must have slept very badly indeed! The chairs would have come apart each time I moved…the pillows would have fallen off, and it’s so narrow…But, I remember it being the most comfortable bed I ever slept in and I remember how much fun it was making it and grandma and mom laughing with me as I got into it….

And the future?  It was imponderable when I was a child.  The very thought of 1980 or 2000, or heaven forbid, 2014…my head would begin to swim even  just  thinking about the idea of being 20 years old!  Those numbers had magical connotations…imponderables as I said, unthinkable dates this assured the coming of the future in all it’s magical mystery, because no man could manipulate those numbers…the future could be what it would be.

voyage through time
reality  imagined
tomorrow assured

A Haibun inspired by this quote offered by Ligo Haibun this week: The future is assured. It’s just the past that keeps changing. Russian Proverb The quote was furnished by Ese from Ese’s Voice.