Free Verse: Bubble Smiles

bubble smile

Free Verse

Bubble Smiles

he was sad
I pulled the bubbles
from my purse
i said:
let’s experiment!
we’ll see if children
can still marvel
at simple toys!
he blew bubbles for me
at the children’s park
we laughed
as we watched
the children
jumping all about…
as he blew the bubbles
some soap
in his eyes
so, we laughed some more!
sometimes to change
your saddness into joy
you just need
bubble smiles!

Photography: Bubbles

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When we were venturing into the world of toys a week ago, at Bastet’s Pixelventures, someone, whom I can’t remember (I’ve tried to wade back into my memory…then on the comment archive…alas, oh sigh…) anyway a very brilliant person mentioned something about wanting to play with bubbles, but people would probably think it was inappropriate for a person of her age (I’m pretty sure this person was a lady).  So, I said…I think I’ll buy me some bubbles and have some fun.

One of my favorite toys as a child was “bubbles”!  We couldn’t go into a department store without me running to the toy department and buying yet another bottle of bubbles with the little plastic ring with a handle.  My mother finally got inventive, and just began to re-fill my bottles with dish-soap (Ivory, I think it was).  When the monster bubbles came out in the early 60s…ah Heaven touched the Earth!

So, dear brilliant person, this post is dedicated to you…please tell me who you are in the comments so I can link your blog!

Have a great day folks!