Wordle Monday – June 2, 2014



The wordle contains 12 words those words are:  Fetid – Cotton – Scribble – Shambolic – Fraught – Paraphernalia – Synthesis – Henna – Grace – Diffuse – Pagan – Decanter


Near a decanter by the wall, filled with fetid cotton, is a book of hours filled with the witch’s scribble.  Shambolic symbols of pagan lore she’d picked-up throughout the years, during her many trips to exotic countries, to ancient castles and shaman’s dens, mixed with many strange formulae.

She wasn’t really very tidy.  Among the paraphernalia in her room, were bunsen burners racks of test tubes, incense burners, stuffed dolls and animals, plus a few scented candles. Cob webs hung from the ceiling, but these were actually just decorative, she was afraid of spiders, but she felt a witch should have cob-webs, so she synthesized spider-fluid and created them herself.

She also knew how to create, with grace and elegance, a synthesis of pure black henna. She’d gotten the formula from a Marabout she’d met in deepest Africa whom she’d visited with when she was very young.

Getting on in years, she’d thought to diffuse this black henna on the market and make her fortune.  Alas, she soon found that this was fraught with many legal issues. She’d forgotten to take out a patent before publishing her article and offering her product for sale.

Big Pharma, an important company, stole and patented the formula, then branded it!  Big Pharma sued her for publishing the article about their patented product. She lost in court and the judge forced her to remove the article, and write an apology for having written it!  Within a few short months the product, that long-lasting, pure black tattoo henna we all use and love, became very popular.

The witch, of course, was angry and rightly so.  She put a generic hex on anyone who was responsable for stealing her formula. However her hex was really very generic and hit whoever was responsable for stealing people’s intellectual work. It hadn’t been her intention, but that’s how hexes work sometimes.

From that day forward, for every tube of black henna that was sold, two white hairs would grow (which could not be removed) on the responsable’s chins and two hairs would fall from their heads.  Soon all the members of the many legal firms and company departments, the heads of management in many important companies and a few research scientists, as well as some journalists, photographers, editors, writers, judges and her niece were bald and sported white beards.

The End

Written for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Wordle #11