Senryu – April 26, 2014


my mind’s still sleeping
like the villages in shadows
driving to Trento

just another verse
then I must dress and leave home
one more day-long  trip

country-side speeds by
crunching kilometers
listening to the radio

at the hospital
will news be good … I think yes
be back home at six.

Just a Note – in Photos (Sunday Walk)

Hello Folks…I’ve been doing a lot of time away from home and computer…here are just a couple of photos…the main part of which have been taken by my son as we drive to Trent’s hospital.  We’ll be leaving in just a bit … again, so I’m leaving you with a Sunday ride through the vineyards.

Down the road
through the vineyards
beautiful sunshine
villages nestled in the hills
then the city streets
until we arrive
at our destination …
our daily drive
to Trento.

Have a great Sunday!

The Trip – April 11, 2014 . NaPoWriMo 2014

Sunny day
April at it’s best
Traveling great
Traffic slow
Until I hit the city
Trento was chaos!

Wrong turning
Far from destination
Lost in space
Lost in time
On the new high-speed by-pass
Entering Trento!

Navigator …
My son, said: “Calm down!”
Cold sweat dropped
Down my brow
I felt the traffic pressing
Dodging all around!

Ah…our turn
Finally, inside the town,
We found signs …
They guide us!
“Is this the right round-about?”
Hospital sharp right.

Shadorma written for NaPoWriMo 2014


And then….Six Word Saturday

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOh boy, another second-hand comic book!

One of the best places in Trento is the “Libroteka”  It’s chocked full of just about every sort of second hand book you can imagine…including some great old (and in good conditon) comic books!

Here are some photos of my son’s second hand collection…and a copy of Lupo Alberto….

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Six Word Saturday! Please follow the link to find out how it works…

Have a nice week-end!