Sunday Whirl on Monday – Blood Tests – September 15, 2014


By Brenda Warren

My blood just turned into jello
as I went to the hospital for tests,
no words can describe the anxiety
that pestered me that day …

Though I know I should not fear,
there’s nothing I can do
when the time for the blood test comes
I turn into a pavid fool!

The nurse deftly stuck the needle
into my willing puffed-up vein …
Ouch! came from me istinctively
to my mouth with a pucker of pain.

She grabbed some cottonwool,
then taped the fluff onto my wound,
telling me I could have my morning meal,
although it was way past ten.

© G.s.k.


Solace – August 29, 2014

In the hallowed hall of Bedlam,
The lady seemed to lie sleeping
Inside her crystal coffin
As the people looked on and sighed …

Wise men often pondered,
On her untimely passing:
What could have brought her solace
In her lonely hours of mourning?

The spiral of her depression
Took her into the deepest holes of sadness,
Veined with pitch black melancholy
Unrelieved by joyous laughter.

No answer have they found
That suits their somber query
For to prevent her daughter’s passing
In the same unhappy manner.

Red Wolf Poems: List of words as picked by Sabra and she’s picked one word each from last week’s poems submitted as follows:

Viv: hall
Abby: holes
Barbara: sleeping
Hannah: spiral
Rosyln: moment
Anya: dismissed
Debi: looked
Jules: suits
Irene: pondered
Laura: veined
Pat: solace