Zombie Mariachis – Wordleing August 20, 2015

Attracted by
the Zombie Mariachis
[mutants with gaping mouths]
who were performing
at Midnight Motors
I walked onto the car lot.

A man came up to me,
and more like a magician
than a salesman;
started his long-winded spiel
[or enchantment] …
and soon
the words buzzed in my ears.

I realized – looking closer
that those cars looked more
like they ran on meth
than on high-octane petrol!

Many passing through
said the price-list read
like the daily mortuary.
I thought:
“Maybe I’d better go down the road
to buy myself a new car … ”
but the car was already bought!

© G.s.k. ‘15


THIS WEEK’S WORDS at Sunday’s Whirligig #20 come from “No More Cake Here” by Natalie Diaz: mortuary, motor, many, midnight, mouths, mariachis, mutants, magician, meth, missed, more, maybe