Morning Haiku – February 14, 2014

Valentine Morningvalentine sky-line
sweet pink clouds in baby blue
silly romantic

cold  fickle weather
just like a faithless lover
your warm promises

pink morning light tricks
fantastic magical games
that mud puddle’s deep

snow for northerners
rain is our assigned torture
drip drip drip drip drip

the sun shines brightly
question is only how long
grey bearded rain clouds


Reflections: Valentine’s Day



they say that love is peace
the bliss of kisses, a release
yet when my rationality awakes,
I wonder at the price I pay:
a chain – a leash – a bond
around my soul it has become!
the silvery thorn that’s embedded here,
a sliver of you, inside my heart.
alas, empty would be my life without
our lover’s battle,  our daily bouts,
as we put together what was once two
into a being that’s now me and you.

Part II

is it odd that I would seek serenity,
am I less in love with you?
am I a traitor, a deserter?
love wills out Oh Beauty’s servant,
butterfly qualities are part of you.
I,  but a single flower look on and sigh,
as others in the garden call to you,
they seek you out, with endless siren songs!
that cupid, who would pull you away,
my enemy, now, so I fight your nature!
behold!  I’m the anchor and you the ship
come now, pull into this gentle port
give up the Odyssey, lay down your sword
grey haired Ulysses, at last stay home.

I read A Sonnet for Valentine’s Day yesterday and thought I’d write a brief poetic comment…the more I wrote trying to hook back to the original poem and the more articulated and complicated it became taking on a life of it’s own…so I decided to post it here.