Taciturn Vampire – July 7, 2014

The Mindlovesmisery Menagerie’s wordle contains 12 words, those words are:

1. Scofflaw 2. Resin 3. Exclusion 4. Ravishing 5. Voice 6. Artifice 7. Pure 8. Frisson 9. Circuitous 10. Drawn 11. Castigate 12. Taciturn

wordle161Taciturn Vampire

Instead of ravishing blonds
creating a frisson of pure terror
the taciturn vampire
used the circuitous artifice
of robbing the local blood bank …

Drawn from volunteers,
not for that scofflaw’s drink,
investigators were called …
to discover and sorely castigate
the lawless absconder.

(Some bright ambitious young man,
who’d been to Transylvania,
rose his hand to suggest,
that a sack full of resin
might bring them success.)

Our taciturn bounder
made off with his plunder
got it back to his coffin
before dawn’s early light,
the treacherous resinous sack
carefully hidden therein.

He’d drank a few pints,
he felt really quite heady …
he sang him some beer songs
at the top of his voice
’til the last sack that he drunk!

The resinous sack, ’twas his undoing
he swilled it then, he fell in a swoon,
wooden stakes are quite deadly
how much more so pure sticky resin
he never stole from the blood bank again.

Wordle Monday – June 23, 2014

wordle-14Unhappily James Phantom walked through the cemetery past tombstones decorated with flowers, from tea roses for a lovely lady near the chapel, to a bunch of puffy yellow chrysanthemums for old Mr. Jeffreys.

In life he’d been inured to the unpleasantness of being an outsider, but felt it was unjust  to have to be the brunt of illegitimate xenophobic insults even in death.

There was not a scintilla of truth in the string of slanderous conjectures that Mistress Mercy had spread around stating that he was “different”, that he was in fact, a zombie.  What was at first a brontide coming from two old gossips had now become a palavar of virtuous outcry by the older generations.

In life, he’d been hounded, arrested and accused of practicing witchcraft.  The accusations, based on the simple fact that his father being a voodoo man,could talk to the dead.

The exorcists insisted that DNA had determined that he must have the power not only to speak to the dead but, ironically, to turn people into zombies as well. He suspected that he’d just been a pawn. What they’d really wanted to do was embarrass the upper crust of the Jamaican community branding him a lowly warlock

He’d denied the accusations vigorously, reminding them that he was a man of culture, a professor of philosophy, but to no avail. They imprisoned him and in prison one night he’d met his fate.  A huge bat had  flown into his cell, attached itself to his jugular vein and grazed upon his blood until he’d died.

When they’d found him they quietly placed his poor body in, what they thought was, an abandoned crypt and said he’d escaped from his cell and had probably gone back to Jamaica.

He’d awakened in that tomb three days later but realized he wasn’t a ghost.  He wasn’t alone either … Mistress Mercy stood there glowering at him because he’d invaded her home. That was when the old hag had started her hate campaign. She reasoned just like the exorcists too.  She said that he had to be a zombie because his father was a voodoo man!

It was bad enough raising hungry from the tomb every night … but hey, he was under nobodies spell and he certainly didn’t drool walking around like an empty eyed, inelegant goon.  He was completely articulate too.

“Anyone with any sense should realize that I’m a vampire!” he shouted to no one.

The exorcists had been right about one thing though. Unfortunately, he could talk to the dead like his father had, it was in his DNA.

Written for Mindlovesmisery Menagerie Wordle 14

Wordleing on Monday – May 19, 2014

wordle9Nosferatu’s Descent

From the window of his soul
The lesion in his morals were shown …
Nosferatu felt the splinter deep within,
As pitiless envy entered him and grew …

“Shun the light now coarse demon”
Said the angel to the wretch at last,
“Your name is writ upon the parchment
Of those condemned to hell!”

As he grappled with his burning rosary
Holy water became vinegar to him
And condemned he was to live
In a crypt during bright sunny days …

Blood thirsty vampire he’d become
Eternally walking the darkest nights…
For ’twas immortality he wanted
But at what a terrible price!

His descent from humanity,
Into his shunned vampire form,
Corrupter of the young and beautiful,
Is the stuff of human tales.

His name is known to many
His infamous deeds fill our story books,
So close your windows my pretty virgin
For pitiless, Nosferatu walks tonight.

Inspried by Blog It or Lose It!’s shadorma:  “Grab the Rails” and written for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Wordle #9