Vers Beaucoup x 2: Nightmare

In my dream:  there a stream, a rippling beam
of iced cream…the hugh flow from a hole
made green troll, hick-up mightily – making him vitally
and yes frightfully, quite ill, enough to kill!

In the morning, I, mourning rest – (Ah! boring nightmare!)
yearning, rolled over like dog Rover,
that sad drover of sheep and tried to sleep…
Damn!  Peep birds began to sing, spring songs.


Well, I tried Cubby Kitty’s rhyming game the Vers Beaucoup x 2…each stanza has 4 lines, rhyming structure max 3 words per rhyme.  AAA-ABB-BCC-CDD…t’aint easy…go see Cubby’s Rhyme…it’s fantastic!

And as it talks about a dream, I thought I’d submit it to the Community Story Board too.