Sunday Whirl – Wordleing – November 23, 2014


Photo Credits:  Ezra Millstein


in moments of solemn meditations
I reflect upon the forgotten children
resolute to right the miserable wrongs
of a cloudy weight that stains my soul

bright pirouettes of winsome dances
in a forgotten past that never was
a flutter inside my mind reminds me
of Oliver or Annie the orphaned ones

ink spills of another age, stains of our past –
I hardly remember our neglected children today,
they live in favelas work long in the sweat shops
they make our cheap sneakers and fancy clothes

no Dickens will write of these children today
though they work under masters just like in his day
the “miserable” are still part of our bright world
though Hugo’s not here to tell us the tale.

complacent and warm we flutter and storm
about a new fashion, our car or our team
it’s natural sure, they’re so far away …
we rarely see any of these people in our day.

(c) G.s.k. ’14

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Ese’s Weekly Shoot & Quote Challenge – Ugly

This week’s Shoot & Quote Challenge is, I’m off to find a suitable quote and then look for a picture to match it, which is not easy!  One can certainly find quotes with ugly…but photos and quotes….

 What would be ugly in a garden constitues beauty in a mountain.Victor Hugo

riversideHave a great day!