The Circus – Free Verse – December 5, 2015

dirtworshipingypsy: fortune teller. early 1870s

Fortune Teller, 1870s

The Circus

read your cards
o, fortune-teller
will the circus
for yet another year …

and she said

new excitement
new perception
wins the world with
brash deceptions
called virtual circuses
and video games

and then she sang

world of sadness
world of shame
hobbling with a Christmas cane
Circus poster
invites one and all
but no one comes.

© G.s.k. ‘15

Imaginary Garden With Real Toads
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Banish Boredom (A Silly Poem)

Banish Boredom

“Bash the dragon!”
cried the hero
wielding his mighty sword
running up along the fjord
shouting like a hurricane
“Yes bash out her silly brains!”

“Blast the hero!”
rejoined the dragon
spewing fire from her nostrils
lumbering down the hill
bellowing like a blizzard
“Blast the villan all to hell!”

They crash together
between up and down
bam! argh! crackle! swish!
scales fly into the air
metal melts and deforms
then a mighty voice came down
’twas the creator
or so they thought…
“Michael, turn that damn game off!
And the world went dark.

Written for dVerse!