Quatern: Red Rose

The RoseQuatern

Red Rose

Red rose color these somber days.
For everything seems far too grey,
My heart is heavy, days grow cold,
That bridge I’ll  pass before too long.

The sparrow lays beside the walk.
Red rose color these somber days.
Chill sets into my weary bones,
That bridge is calling me: “come home”.

Tidings are of death and dying,
War and hatred among mankind.
Red rose color these somber days.
That bridge will call many today.

Would you pass your days in hatred?
Would you lose your soul to anger?
That bridge is calling to us all…
Red rose color these somber days.

Free Verse: Red Tension


Red tension rises…
each day we’re seeing
looming on the horizon…
precipitation of annihilation
power struggles continue
without cessation
the senseless mass murder
of people
like you and me,
for no better
reason, then someone’s ambition
someone’s ideal vision of what the world
should be…
that business as usual, usually means:
the poor get poorer
women are raped
children slaughtered
as they sleep.

the beat just goes on.

Then, someone wakes up
and says:  “we need peace!”
because maybe there’ll be another
oil crisis,
and the price of gas will rise, and we can’t
go get our fries
we might even have to cook…
meanwhile the crooks
who run this planet
will continue to wreak havoc
and the only thing we worry about
is how the home team made out.
we’ve got one more name
to add
to this sadistic game
of massacre
another statistic, more double digits
of death…but be careful
oh, do be cautious
that it’s the right kind
of revolution
say the men in power
got to be sure that the profits
are safe!

the beat just goes on.

And croccadile tears flow in the papers
as they’d have us wallow in fears
of wars on our borders
you can hear the gears
as they turn
and the CNN burns
with programs mucking with the reasons
behind this new season
of hatred born in poverty
fomented in ignorance
and hypocritical
that the prophet
is the only answer
to the profits of war
but be careful
for you and your own prophets
in the east and the west
will bring more deaths
to your own doors.

the beat just goes on.

Monday Poetry Prompt #18: A Piece for Peace

At We Drink Because We’re Poets the Monday Poetry Prompt:

Prompt: Imagine you’re at a summit for world peace and the like.  You’re called to present reasons as to why the world should have a vested interest in caring for people who may not necessarily reside in their countries.  The way you will do this is through poetry.  What can you say in a poem that will convince the leaders of the world that action is necessary?  What do you believe it takes to help people into a better position in life?  Using a form of your choosing, frame what will essentially be an argument for true world peace.”


Free Verse

And What if Peace

Oh leaders in your privileged seats
looking upon a world the heeds your words,
think not for moment of your special places
live not the illusion that you’re above death.
If you with your decisions,
destroy our world my friends
not only will your enemies die
your life too will end.

Oh bankers and financiers who pull the strings,
look upon a world that heeds your words,
believe not that in your crystal palaces
you’ll be safe from what you’ve wrought
you with your decisions too will pay
for the destruction that has created
your wealth and other’s death
not only will your enemies die
your life too will end.

Revolutionaries , Religious leaders,
look upon a world that heeds your words,
believe not that from your pulpits on high
that you’ll be safe from your own lies
you with your provocations
will pay for the destruction you’ve created
the hosannas you sought bring death,
but not only your enemies die
your life too will end.

Oh people of the World
who only heed someone else’s words
hiding behind your televisions
believing you’ll be safe with every lie you’re fed
in your willful sleep of indolence
you’ll pay for following like sheep
just followers in passive destruction
you with your enemies will die
your life too will end.

And what if Peace
collaboration among Peoples
working hand in hand
for once returning to the land
understanding that the planet’s ONE,
no man can move without consequence
each action has its counter-move:
you with your enemy then might live
your life too, may be saved.

Sunday Painting the Town Red: 25 August 2013

I was thinking I wouldn’t get my Sunday in red done today, but then I saw this photo as I was listening to Peter Gabriel’s “Red Rain” et voilà.

The poem is not one of my happy poems though.  I imagine that if the Earth crys red rain it would reflect a deep and desparate passion.

Red Rain_4

Free Verse

Red Rain

Earth on fire
lost in her desire
to free herself
from pain,
the eternal nights
of fraternal fights,
her tears of despair
cannot cleanse herself
of the blood
that has been shed
in the name

This is the original photograph:

rain storm

rain storm

Silly Poem: White Duck and White Swan

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I was a-walking
of an eve
down Riva way
when my eyes
set upon a scene
quite mysterious…

A worried white duck
was walking
on land
unable to swim…
for an angry white swan
with his hackles up
was in the water
waiting for him!

I cannot imagine
what the fight was about
but could fancy
the duck,
in his ducky way
quacking consternation
in a sonorous
“What the fu…frack
is your problem jack!”

The swan held his wings
in the angry swan way
and came near the shore
keeping his eye on the duck…
if the latter
tried to enter
the cool water
the swan would hiss at him
and keep him away!

This drama had gone on
for quite a long while
as tourists (and I)
looked on
to see how it’d go.
I think we were all routing
for the duck
at this point
for the swan was much bigger
and could do so much harm…
we all sympathise
with an underdog!

The swan
swam away,
went under the bridge
and cautiously
the duck
made a dive
into the water he went
with much happy splashing!

When to our horror
what did we see!
The swan had been hiding
setting a trap
and began swimming
at a great speed
his head down
right for the duck!

White duck
took to swimming
as fast as he could
his wings were a flapping
his quacking

The children
were yelling:
go ducky go!
As around and around
in the water
they flew!

The white duck
walked on the water
went under a bridge
then into the reeds
and out of the pond
lickity split!

The white swan
then swam in the water
his wings curled back
his head
arrogantly high
just who was the boss!

Free Verse: June 4th 2013

I sat upon a blanket
looking at the sky
it was the night of San Lorenzo
when the stars fall from the sky.

Rememberèd I my mother’s words
When I was very young
that I should wish upon a star
as it falls down upon the Earth.

I wish it was San Lorenzo now
I long to see the shooting stars
and wish that all the hurt there is
would soon leave my weary heart.

What is the problem my fellow-man?
Why must we always think
that an idea is so important,
that our pleasure needs fulfillment
at the cost of innocents?

Why must we push
forever forward
never thinking of the price
in order to gain our profit
or to fulfill our vice.

Why can’t we just be loving
why can’t we just be free
from the stupidest illusion
that I is better than we.

So today I heard some stories
today I heard a poem
today I read of news from China
and heavy is my heart.

Today I read a young man’s poem,
he wished his modest wishes
of love and work and happiness
and when once he was fulfilled,
that they were not the things he thought.

Today I heard of war
today I heard of murder
And heavy is my heart
And tears now fill from my eyes.

Oh my dear fellows
my friendsmy loves!

Is there nothing more than
falling stars
to make us see the light?
Have we not yet come to realize
that our life is but an illusion?
That in the face of the Universe
our opinion counts as nil?
That nothing is worth the death
of even one single person?
This is such a lovely world
with so many lovely things
why are we not yet worthy
to receive that love and return it
and our human destiny thus to fulfill.

Mu and Yu
work hand in hand
the material and the spirit
but if we cannot go one step beyond
our ephemeral ego
we die
without a shooting star
to save us from our folly.

 June 4th 2013.