Just a Note: 22 July 2013

Hello World!

It’s Monday again (and a little late, got lost reading) and so I’m here to talk about my past week and future ideas.


Blogging is ever more an interesting a rewarding occupation.  When I began last January, I just thought to write one article, about Mali and the terrible inner conflict that had befallen yet another African country.  I’d been requested by one of my students to write down some of my reflections about the situation…reflections…but with a different twist.  She wanted me to tie the present with the past, that is, she wanted me to write about my experience of civil war.  The post didn’t come off quite that way.  The thing that weighed on my mind, was the clamber and clatter of outsiders, looking down their noses, safely judging as they sit and watch TV, people and places they’ve never and will never know anything about.  I hate the condescending way people judge other people based on that gossip mongering bit of technology TV and alas Internet too.  I doubt though that I got my message across…the comment proved that.

Anyway…the blogging bug caught me.  I soon found that I wasn’t interested in adding my voice to the dissection of human affairs that we call current events.  I just liked writing, had always wanted to be read…and so I wrote.  My childhood memories came first…then how I learned to drive…a poem, then a second poem…a photograph I was lucky enough to shoot…here let me show you that one, I still love it very much:

Rain Lights

Rain Lights

It’s a raw photo as you can see…I haven’t signed it yet and there was no re-touching…that would be something I learned in the future.

I met my first blogging friends, as I began to comment their work…I wrote a post about the death of my dear cat friend Maao…and was Liebstered by Barb Taub, then by Cranky.  I discovered Power Shorts through Rick Mallery and prompts, read my first Eric Alagan post…started following others and being followed.

I discovered The Arkside of Thought and through Sahm, We Drink Because We’re Poets and began writing poetry again after nearly 40 years. I think this was the turning point…meeting Sahm King…he made me feel like I could really write poetry…that Bastet was something special…here is my first Palindrome.  I think no single bloggers have had quite an influence on me as Sahm King and his MT Blu.  They pulled out something that was hidden and encouraged me to take a step towards being more than I thought I could be.

I began to post everyday…had to to follow the We Drink daily poetry prompts…and it became like air, water and food.  At some point I began to write my morning Haiku. And this weekly post: Just a Note…and The Sunday Walk.

I discovered the Weekly Photo Challenge and started participating…as well as submitting a photo to Toemails and another blogger Alexy Markovich who specializes in publishing other people’s photos as well as his own.

I jazzed up my blog page…simplified it and now I’ve jazzed it up again.  Learned about widgets and how to make a static front page and how to use Picasa 3…started playing with photos and then recently became part of We Drink Because We’re Poets.  That link will take you to the first poetry prompt back in April by the way.

I met wonderful bloggers, some came into my life like comets and disappeared never to be seen again…others like Charles Yallowitz, M E McMahon, and Eric Alagan  and MT Blu have become a part of my blogging life.  A special thanks to ME McMahon for trying to get me to publish…if I can get the guts up, I promise you I will.

Where to from here:

I’ve started a new series people!  It’s called Sketches and what it’s all about is an idea…I want to write drawings…a sort of prose in poetry inspired by classical music.  I’ve written 4 so far…the last  requested (Sketch 4: Pictures at an Exhibition) by Cathy Ulrich. Sketch 3: Thunderstorm (which I translated into Italian as well) was inspired by a splash of comments with Ye Olde Foole as indeed were a couple of poems I wrote last week about my childhood memories.

Starting next Sunday I’ll be writing a weekly though with Jerry Stolarski…he puts the photo and I put the poetry.  We did a dry run this week and Jerry said…we should do this more often and I said…yes, a weekly duet blog…and voilà!

I wrote oodles of poetry last week too! And will continue to do so.  I jazzed up my blog page a bit adding a slide show of some of my photos and art work and things that have meaning to me.  I’m going to edit my front page soon and I want to group up my Haiku into pages…so I’ve editing work to do because some of those Haiku and Senryu!

The We Drink Weekly Photo Challenge went slow this week…I think my prompt was too abstruse…so I’m going to have to strain my brain and do better next time.  I’m thinking of changing the name too…I don’t want to challenge anyone…I just want to propose a fun way to add pizzaz to people’s work, making it 100% their own. Or what the hell…give people another opportunity to show their wonderful photos to the world!

And I want to keep on meeting wonderful, fun and talented bloggers like those I’ve mentioned above but some I didn’t mention yet, like Shainbird (are you still going to do Erik Satie?) and Cubby and Rob  and Belinda…who have been bringing sheer delight into my world!  As well as all you other wonderful bloggers who comment and write your wonderful posts…just wish I could stay 48 hours a day to read all your posts and admire all your photos.


Darn!  This thing got looooong!!!!  Probably no one will read it now  😀 …and besides it’s all about me, me, me… and not just the past week but the past 7 months!  Well…if you got this far, just let me wish you a wonderful week blogging!  And a big hug to you all!!!

We Drink Challenge: Toys

The challenge is Toys…big toys little toys…just as long as they’re toys…

The Train The choo-choo train leaves
the children’s park
every half-hour all the day…
and when I look at the children
slide…I think…
I’ll come back at mid-night
and have some fun!

The Slide

For links to more photos and the Challenge: Toys click here!

Just a Note: Monday 15 July 2013

Hello World!

African clay

Mid summer…heat, flash storms, emotions raise suddenly and go off without warning.  Mostly though, mid summer is a slow-paced time of year still, heat plays havoc with humans!

Senryu: Heat Storm

air is heavy…humid
their nerves on edge…electric
summer storm explodes

That was the sense of my Senryu on the 11th of July…Gerswhen wrote a whole folk opera which takes place in this period of the year and a lovely song…Summertime…

This has been a slow week, productively speaking.  On the other hand, I’ve been out and about going to concerts and for walks…shooting away with my camera!  My monitor’s desktop is full of files that have to be archived, I’ve a few drafts that I have to complete and there are things I still haven’t done with my blog and site that really need doing…ah but summertime…


This week Sweetness 6645 manager of Chronicles of a Public Transit User   nominated me for a Bouquet of 7 Awards!award collageThe awards she nominated me for were: The ABC award, Inner Peace Award, Most influential Blogger Award, Sunshine Award, Versatile Blogger Award, WordPress Family Award and the The Wonderful Readership Award (Ooooo, never got that one before!).  Thank you so much Sweetness for all this bounty!

Awards are
Bounties that
Cement our
Delicious and
Etherial as well as eternal
Has received more than her due
I believe…
Justice would dictate that other’s be
Known…through these
Lauds and acclaims!
Many awards in just one bouquet…
Nominations so abundant
Oh but they make a…
Pretty collage!
Quickly then I must finish this poem…
Readers are awaiting my weekly journal
Simply put I
Thank you dear Sweetness!
Understand me when I say:
Well I’m nearly without words!!!
You’ve swamped me with love and I’m
Zany with getting the x and z done!

All you great readers…have a look at Sweetness’ blog…it’s fun and funny!  She also takes some really great photographs…I’m wondering, Sweetness, did you know I run a Photo Challenge at We Drink Because We’re Poets  that would be right up your alley! 😉
You all…choose yourself from this cornucopia of awards…you’re all nominated by Bastet and Sekhmet!


As I said I’ve been just kind of drifting (by my personal standards) this week and I haven’t really been reading very much…but one thing that did pop up and made me very happy indeed was a little snippet of information about Barb Taub!  The post is entitled: The Big Reveal!  and a revelation it is…her book is coming out this week, the first of a series under the general title of Null City, One Way Fare, will be coming out this week…she shows us the cover design for her new book and a brief outline of what the story is about…go have a look, don’t just take it from me…it sounds really interesting!

King Midget on King Midget’s Ramblings has also made the announcement that his long-awaited “Weed Therapy” is in the final stages to being published and reveals that he wants to open a website to that will:

“invite people to discuss the ideas I weave through this story”.

Good luck on your launch and website old bean!


“Well, we’ve been lazy, but not completely negligent of our duties!” says Sekhmet.

Yes, true, I’ve done a few photo posts this week and of course launched the Weekly We Drink Photo Challenge this week dedicated to “OLD”, you can find the link above with my invite to Sweetness and I hope you too will want to contribute!  I’m seriously thinking of changing the title of the Challenge…everybody and their uncle are suddenly coming up with challenges and Sekhmet does not like to be “one of a many”…  If you have an idea or suggestions…I’m here waiting to read them!

On Saturday, after a great evening at the “Viva Mamanera!” African festival held in Riva del Garda…I was inspired to elaborate one of the photos I took during a dance-music concert:

Africaalong with a poem dedicated to African music…or at least the African music I experienced in Chad…the music in that region of Africa is very similar, the players that evening were from Burkina Faso…but I could close my eyes and the music just penetrated my brain bringing back memories.  Day-time music is so very different from the night-time music…I try to convey those memories through my Poem: African Night.

Oh!  And I posted the results of a few of my walks, did some Haiku and poems with photos…but I’m late on writing a very important short story!!!!

I also put up a couple of posts for the We Drink Photo Challenge…so people could maybe be inspired!

And reblogged this fine photo with Haiku by Cathy Ulrich entitled: Saturday’s Hike…take a look at this and you won’t be disappointed, especially if you, like I love Vincent Van Gogh…and no, this isn’t a trip to a museum…it’s the photo that looks as though the master had gone out to the American west and painted a picture!  The Haiku is really lovely too!  I hope one day to interview this artist of the camera…if I can find her e-mail address!  😉

Oh dear…I also misdated my Sunday Walk post yesterday, which I’ve corrected…for some reason I was convinced that yesterday was July 13th!  Then, this morning I realized, as it is the 15th that I had made a really grave error!  The French would guillotine me for sure!  I hope they had a great Bastille Day!  Vive la France!  Vive la Liberté!  Ect. ect….


Well…there’s so much more to say, but I’ll conclude this week’s Just a Note here, as I really have to run off…but if there is anything you’d like to add…the comments are waiting for you…don’t be shy, add your bit to Just a Note!

Have a great week everyone and don’t let the heat get you down!

Pixelventures: Morning Walk

Morning Walk

One balmy day with my son I walked
Along back roads past vineyards and farms
Taking photos of trees, gates and barns
Of light and of poetry we talked.
We came to Sarca’s ancient floodgate.
Abandoned now to desolation’s rust
He turned a wheel with a mighty thrust
And wondered of its opening date.

What was it’s purpose long time ago…
Did it save past men from Sarca’s rage
Or feed canals to make vineyards grow?
Unread is the floodgate’s story page.

These shots are part of our morning walk
These words a nod at our lazy talk.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We Drink Photo Challenge: Old


Mortar and Pestle | Shainbird

Tea pot | FOTO chip – © Birgitta Rudenius

Something Old | Creative Metaphor

Cheryl: http://jpgmag.com/photos/2896535

Old – We Drink Because We’re Poets Photo Prompt #3 | Rob’s Real Life

Jerry: http://kyeos.wordpress.com/2013/07/09/the-last-passage/

Just A Note: Monday 8th of July

Hello World!


Well, to say it was a busy week would be understating the case!  There has been so many things going on that it almost seems like a year has come and gone.


This week I was nominated for the Semper Fidelus award by Petitemagique who also wrote a Haiga for me!

Here’s the award: And here is the Haiga:

georgiaThank you very much Patty!  Bastet has never looked better! 🙂

I’d like to nominate in this occasion all those glorious bloggers who have blogged through thick and thin and are still here to tell their tales!

Blogging World:

Which leads me right into the Blogging World!

There’s a new blog in the world (well probably oodles of new blogs in the world actually) and it’s been opened by The Cranky Caregiver!  She’s become a published author folks and to celebrate, she went and opened a new blog!  Poor Mrs. Gulch though, her old avatar, found herself ousted our, rather unceremoniously…well not really.  What happened is that it seems one can’t have two different avatars…so as Mrs. M.E. McMahon had to have (heaven’s forbid!) a real life photo for her more serious blog…out went Mrs. Gulch!  Here’s the story and the follow-up is on her next page…lovingly funny as always!  Her new Blog is called: A Dream Come True…by the way the second link will take you not only to her blog but to the story she dedicated to me!  😉

Over at my favorite pub, We Drink Because We’re Poets Lilith began writing her bi-weekly feature dedicated to music!  Her posts are on Tuesday and Thursday, the second being a prompt dedicated to the musical artist she introduces on Tuesday.  This week we met a Japanese artist, Miyavi whom she describes as “Guitar Samurai”  go have a look!

Yesterday I reblogged two posts that I feel are important to us all…the first is entitled:  Hello? I have posted. Is anyone out there? from my thoughts on a page…a great poem, it’s theme…well read it and you’ll quickly see, I’ll give you a hint…read the title 🙂

The second is on a different note, it’s entitled: 10 ways to tell if you are writing with confidence from Writers Write. Take a look, it’s very interesting.

Bastet and Photography:

Well…now I’ve been experimenting with what I can do with Picasa 3 ™ trying to do new things with photos.

Just let me say here, photography is not my chosen artistic medium, I like to take pictures, I like to fool around with them, I like to use them with my poems and stories, and now I try to challenge people into creating and maybe using their own photos with their work! Ergo I work with the We Drink Because We’re Poets as their “photo editor” putting out a weekly challenge and writing an article about photographers or photography.

In order to do that, as I said I’ve been experimenting.  First of all, I started using the “Gallery” option from the “Add Media”…and found that I like how the slide shows work when adding multiple photos, for example when I participate in the Daily Prompt Weekly Photo Challenge or when I do my weekly Sunday Walk.

I did my first collage this week too with Picasa 3 ™ … and wrote a post showing each passage I did to get the end photo…not an exceptional work of art, but it has an interesting potential for future use I think…

I learned about Haiga from Sahm King from the Arkside of Thought…he loves this form of art and has tried his hand at it from time to time with pretty awesome results. This is one of the things he liked about the photographic element over at We Drink.  On Saturday, I made my first attempts at Haiga…I posted my first attempt called Haiga: Embrace asking for feedback from the readers and some actually gave me that needed feedback!  Permitting me to make a second and finally third Haiga, until I came up with the two final posts: Haiga: Water Lily  and Haiga: Wisteria. I’ve discovered I’ve mixed feelings about Haiga, you need a particular sort of photo in order to come up with something really awesome…so I’m thinking I won’t be doing too much of that sort of thing, unless I find something really inspiring, one should never burns bridges!  I don’t mind pictures with my Haiku and Senryu (another term learnt from Sahm King) but I’m not sure I want them superimposed…

Now apart from the results…which do not completely satisfy me, as I think you gathered, another thing popped up…I discovered that I want to learn more about the WordPress editor…for this particular experiment it would have been a good thing to be able to use the “poll option” for example.

Bastet also published her first Trilogy…shades of Tolkien here, people!  It is a series of three poem to three different elaborations of a photo I did last week while experimenting (hell I’m using that word a lot recently!).  I called it:  The Desert Water Lily Pond!

I also published an article about the great and only Leanne Cole…I can’t say that I really wrote it as most of the stuff in the article are things she herself wrote and permitted me to publish on the We Drink blog…let’s say I retooled and edited it with some of my own comments thrown in for good measure… 🙂

Stats and all that Jazz:

A couple of weeks ago…I got 202 views, that was in my 21st week of blogging and that week I received 901 views from 297 visitors…wow I said…and then the views plummeted or so it seemed.  In fact, the next week, I was away from home and Sekhmet (my main computer) alas, my daily views dropped down from that 202 top to 50.  I couldn’t post very often and I couldn’t comment my reader.

Bastet and Sekhmet now has over 430 followers…but readers…ah, there’s the rub says the Bard…there are about maybe less than 30 regular daily readers, they are the “Semper Fidelus” to whom I referred to above.  Many have never said a word to me…they just read and like what Bastet does.  Others comment and give encouragement.  They’re all great people and I love to see them in whatever way they choose to visit!

We WordPress bloggers have a thing for stats…it can become a really painful experience if we’re writing for stats.  Bastet’s opinion is:  don’t get caught up in the stat’s game…it does nothing for your blogging nor does it do much for self-esteem.  Mirrors are a fine thing…but I think you should take them in small doses…expecially at my age!  Just do what you do to the best of your ability…and be happy and serene knowing that you’ve done a great job.


On this note…hopefully uplifting and wise coming as it does from the Akashic library…you all have a wonderful week and keep on blogging!
/ \

hmmm…i’m a bit fragmented here…

Pixelventures and Poetry: Lost

LostA desert of lily pads

choke the tiny pond

lost is your purpose

your very life

and further on

you travel

into quiet decay

as the water lilies

invade your soul

do you

travel on towards

your silent rest?

Or like a ghost do you now


the lost towards their final goal?

For the We Drink Photo Challenge – Water


Photo Challenge | Creative Metaphor

Water – An Acrostic | Shainbird

Water | LUND Sweden

Pixelventures – Tanka: Water

Lake Garda

water the font of life

refreshing me constantly

through my eyes and skin

bracing beauty my delight

as I walk along the lake

For the We Drink Photo Challenge – 2

Photography: Fire = Summer!

We Drink Photo Challenge this week is dedicated to Fire!

Fire and summer according to the idea of the elements in the Taoist world are tied together!  So, I’ll show you some fire..well actually people enjoying the summer:

The next three photos were taken from a cell-phone and the elaborated with Picasa 3!  We were at the pool in Arco…

Here are a couple of my older son playing with his eldest!

The pool Prabi-ArcoPrabi-Arco PoolWe try to get to the sea each summer… here we were in Puglia…who knows what they were talking about!

The SeaAnd what do our tourists do in summer? Nordic Walking, cycling, wind surfing and sailing…

Nordic Walkingbikesport parkingthe port

Have a wonderful day everyone!  See you soon!

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We Drink Photo Challenge: Coffee

Well…a characteristic of fire is a bitter taste…so, here’s coffee for you!

Last summer I with my family went to Athens, Georgia U.S.A.  We went to visit a place called “Jittery Joes”  where they import, blend, roast and if you want them to they’ll grind coffee from all over the world!  (Oh and you can drink it there…they even had an espresso machine that made a mighty fine Italian espresso!)

CoffeeCoffee BeansRoasterNow that my friends is a mighty big roaster!  What we have next is a grinder!

GrinderHere I let the people stay so we could see just how big that grinder is:

Coffee GrinderThe following picture has nothing to do with coffee except that it was taken at Jittery Joes…there were some pretty neat things lying around and these I liked very much!

Stumps and bicycle

This post was created for We Drink Photo Challenge!

Have a great day!

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