The Number Game – WDBWP’s Short Story Prompt #8



“Well…have you decided yet?” Mirko asked.

“Nope…” replied Julian.

“What about 33…the number of Lord Jesus?”

“No, that would be irreverent now wouldn’t it.”

“Yes, guess you’re right.  Well, what about A113?”

“I went to the Academy of Arts in Bologna…”

“Yes, of course! Well, what about 17?”

“Obscure outside of Italy, not many people will know that is a lucky or unlucky number depending on how you look at it!”

“Yeah…are you sure you want to use a number to homage someone or something in your story?

“Yep, and I just thought of who I really want to homage … Douglas Adams!”

“Oh 42!”


Jen’s challenge has been a challenge to me…I admit that I rarely think of numbers, they just aren’t my cup of tea.  But I do love reading and movies and so, enchanted by her interesting prompt on We Drink Because We’re Poets, I wanted to participate.  What came to mind was 42…and of course for lovers of Douglas Adams there can be no other number.  I found in Wikipedia, which I linked to the number above, that there are oodles of things attached to 42…go have a look!

Don’t forget to follow the We Drink link (above) to read and participate in this week’s story prompt!  I’d love to see what you come up with!


Poetry Prompt #8 (WDBWP) – Morning

As  first light breaks
Over the mountains
I hear the birds sing
In the silence of dawn

The dew on the grass lays
Like crystal droplets of light
But my love sleeps on …
Whilst I walk in the world

The lake is so placid,
The wind softly whispers,
A new day has come …
Yet so few will see it.

I walk in the birdsong
On an empty path at dawn
No one but me and them
In this golden hour of calm.

I wrote this for WDBWP’s Poetry Prompt # 8 hosted by Oloriel…sorry I’m late! And I’m also sorry it’s not a true ode…odes always defeat me!

Shipwreck – Front and back Acrostic – NaPoWriMo – April 15, 2014

Shipwreck – front and back acrostic

Soggy winter, hoary wraith-like wisps,
Hauled my ship into water’s which,
Immobilized me with fear, tried and tried as might I,
Prod at the wretched prow to change its dip,
When the shoals  … somehow,
Reared up!  Clawing mercilessly at my rudder.
Egad! My ship would have to die!
(Callously, so that I could write this acrostic
Knowingly, I created in my mind, a shipwreck.)

WDBWP’s Monday Poetry Prompt #6 …Thanks dear Oloriel for a great prompt!



On the Bus – April 11, 2014

“For me, Barcelona
Is more fun then the Maldives
There’s just so much to see
The Rambla full of vitality
And I loved the Sacra Family
Not to speak of Gaudi!”
He said in a confidential voice.

“No, I prefer the beach…
White sand and sea
Lounging by the water
Getting a great tan …
That’s my sort of vacation
and the Club Med
is so well-organized!”
She replied with a soft sigh.

I pondered upon these words
That one day I overheard
Upon a bus ride home
Full of school kids
Age 13 to 14 …
Little sophisticates sharing
All their summer adventures
In the magic world of tourism!

Written for Poetry Prompt # 5 The Ear for We Drink Because We’re Poets

Reflections on Betrayal

Betrayal!  What’ve you done to me?
I’ve watched over you, don’t you see!
I’ve fed you, pampered you and more …
Although naughty, sometimes a chore!

We been together since we’ve met,
I’ve always thought we’d win the bet …
We’d show the world just what’s the score
I’ve never thought you’d bring me war.

Age has its own price to pay
Hoary hair grows whiter each day
Now dear body, I know the score …
Youth is something you can’t restore.

Betrayal! What’ve you done to me..
I’ve watched over you, don’t you see!

Betrayal can be many things…here I’m playing with the problems of getting older…I as everyone else at one time or another have felt betrayed by someone or some situation…but at the moment, the only thing that came to mind was this 🙂

Written for: Poetry Prompt # 4: Betrayal – Oloriel’s post for We Drink Because We’re Poets.

The Vacation – Short Fiction

© Leanne Cole

© Leanne Cole

Walking down the pier that night, the moon shone brightly giving off a hazy glow.  Michael and Gloria looked over the water, hand in hand, thinking of the wonderful day that they’d just enjoyed.

“When do you have to return home?” he asked her.

“Next week.  School opens on the 11th.” she sighed.

Silence fell between them.  They’d just met two days before and already they had to contemplate separation.

“It’s not as though we won’t be able to talk to each other…” he said, “I’ll configure your computer with my Skype address.”

“I know, but, keeping a relationship up long distance…”

“It’s been done before.”

The days passed quickly, then came their last evening together.  The moon no longer shone over the bay.  The stars twinkled brightly that evening as they walked along the pier.  Then they embraced and a tear rolled down her cheek.  they walked back to her hotel, Micheal came up to her room and they consumed for the last time, their love for one another.

He took her to the airport the next morning.  Summer was over for Gloria.  He watched sadly as the plane took off.  Then watched as a ne plane landed.  He stood near the exit terminal.

Mary walked through the sliding doors and when she saw Micheal a big smile came across her face.

“Oh Micheal dear, how much I’ve missed you!” she said as she threw herself into his arms, “Did you miss me too?”

“Ah Mary, life just isn’t the same without you!” he replied.

Written for: From a Photo Story Prompt #3 We Drink Because We’re Poets from a Photo by Leanne Cole.


Just a Note – March 27, 2014

Hello World…

you might have noticed I’ve added a new form to my poetry collection.  It’s called a shadorma.  I came across this form recently through Mindlovemisery who by the way has opened a new prompting blog called Mindlovemisery Menagerie.  There will be a new prompt everyday from Haiku/Tanka through to Fairy Tales and Shadorma, please click the link for more information.

I’ve been asked to host the Saturday post, the shadorma post, to be precise and I’m really excited about the idea, and have been writing shadorma to practice a much as possible before the big day!

This week I’ll also be hosting the “Saturday Story – From a Photo” as a Friday prompt at We Drink Because We’re Poets (from now on until Lilith returns). This week I have a special photo by a special person, to inspire you,  Leanne Cole!  So, I’ll be looking forward to seeing you then.  The Sunday 13th Floor writing prompt will remain…All in a Word and is open to whatever inspires you through the hosted word … I’ll be working on that to see if I can’t refine it better!

Thanks for dropping by and reading…see you soon!  Georgia (Bastet).

Pixelventures – Reflections

This week I’m dedicating myself to reflections…in words, photos and deeds!

here’s a little experimental photo I elaborated this morning:



sitting there in the water, still
reflecting upon her morning meal
sat a duck inside the harbor
inside the reflection of Riva’s town-hall

Pixelventures – March 18, 2014 – Reflectons

WeDrinkInspiration Story Prompt – Back Then – Haibun

(c) Jen Rosenberry - All rights reserved
(c) Jen Rosenberry – All rights reserved

Back Then – Haibun

The house is abandoned, it has been for at least 50 years.  Out back, there is an old abandoned greenhouse, now just some metal hoops and a door.  Grandpa told me about greenhouses and  I could just imagine that it was full of plants or flowers, blooming in the middle of a harsh snow-swept winter.  Now, it is just another relic of man’s power to transform everything to his own needs, including the seasons.

Grandpa told me that in those days, people could actually eat strawberries and tomatoes in the middle of winter.  Food back then wasn’t related to the seasons like it is now.  Back then, food was something you lived for, something you got excited about.

In order to make tomato plants hardier in the winter I was told that scientists actually mixed tobacco DNA with the tomato seeds.  They were always fooling around with plants like that.  It’s been said that tomatoes were huge and strawberries too.  Grandpa also said that at one point, you couldn’t plant anything from the seeds that were produced by the plants that farmers grew, you always had to buy new seeds.  Sure must have been a strange world back then.

transforming our world
into a sterile desert
substituting nature

Written for We Drink Because We’re Poets Saturday Story Prompt #2 – From a Photo

Symmetry of the Odyssey – Free Verse



Symmetry of the Odyssey – Free Verse

where ever is that place now gone
in the ages that have moved on
the symmetry of the odyssey
that has been my life
from birth ’til now …

no crying for places or the past
but wonderment and curiosity
the symmetry of the odyssey
that has been my life
from birth ’til now

countries where I once lived
no longer exist … they’re just gone
the symmetry of the odyssey
that has been my life
from birth ’til now

geography has changed constantly
people are gone I know not where
the symmetry of the odyssey
that has been my life
from birth ’til now

houses torn down, cities abandoned
ideologies, certainties, faith all gone
the symmetry of the odyssey
that has been my life
from birth ’til now

reflections of my life long-lived
memories of times and places
are the symmetry of the odyssey
that has been my life
from birth ’til now.

Written for Poetry Prompt #2 – We Drink Because We’re Poets – The places we are