Seeking the Nazar – Fairy Tale – March 14, 2015


 My voyage began years ago
Seeking the Nazar of ancient lore
I walked the deserts
I walked the plains
Always seeking what I’d never found.

“Is this land a dream or reality?”
An old woman beckoning says:
“Come to me …
Come to me!”
I was seeking what I’d never found.

She held the Nazar in her hand
This is yours if you pass the test
“Could this be the moment
When I end my quest?”
Always seeking what I never found.

I wandered in someone else’s soul
The world around me a different light and hue
A nightmare grappled me for my soul
I awoke with a mighty sigh
Always seeking what I never find.

I tossed and turned upon my mat
Composing words to free my mind
Then I must have dozed away
I walked in the wind of a storm …
Always seeking what I never found.

The song of the angels in harmony
Rivalled the concert of the masts
And a flock of gulls let out their cry
We’ll take you to the great Nazar!
I sought what I’d never found.

In the darkness an eye appeared
A guide to wanderers in search of luck
Electric blue a centre of white
Larger than ever I’d seen before!
Always seeking what I never found.

An ominous sorcerer raised his head
All covered in scaly emerald-green skin
Not a dragon but not a man
He held the Nazar in his hand …
He sought what he’d never found.

“You want this thing I’m holding here?”
Croaked the mage in his cold voice
“I captured it many years ago
And have become what you now see …
I’m still seeking what I never found.”

The sacred Nazar glowed in blue
As he held the pendant out to me
I hesitated quite filled with fear
Knowing my heart was impure …
Always seeking what I never found.

I reached out my hand to grasp the charm
When something pulled upon my arm
“Touch not the Nazar lest you perish
And be reduced to ashes friend …
What you’re seeking will never be found.”

 The sorcerer howled like the wind
In anger his green light filled the world
“Take this thing away from me!
Become the guardian of the eye!
Always seeking what you’ll never find.”

I awoke drenched in a cold sweat …
My heart pounding within my breast
My vision clouded but I could see
A large blue eye calling me …
“Always seek what you’ll never find!”

Oh Nazar of ancient lore
I’ll not seek your luck anymore
I’ll walk the Earth and I’ll recall
This vision planted in my mind …
Of the cost of magic
And the cost of power
Which few know in their mindless search –
Power, wealth and fortune
Seem a wondrous goal
Until you’ve found them and then they grow
Within your soul like a gnawing foreign plant
For you’ll want more and ever more
Always seeking what you’ll never find.

© G.s.k. ‘15


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Credits:  Photograph – Matej Hudovernik

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