Seven Days Before Christmas (3) – Choka – December 20, 2015

red, blue and yellow
lights and decorations glow
brightening our hearts
on this longest winter night
with family and friends
toasting the season with cheer

the tree stands prepared
dressed in baubles and tinsel
now here we await
the dawn of Christmas morning
as we sing “Joy to the World”

© G.s.k. ‘15


light of the world
reflects in silver and gold
christmas tree clothed

© Chèvrefeuille

Carpe Diem’s Seven Days Before Christmas 2015 #3 decorations

Morning Haiku and Waka – December 21, 2014

Stain glass collage_2

decorations and lights
ruby-red and green
despite falling snow
the spring sun returns

G.s.k. ’14

Today is the 21st of December as you saw in the title … and that means that the longest night of the year concludes 2014 seasonal cycle … today with Winter Solstice our days become progressively longer, spring is just around the corner 😉 or so our ancestors believed.  So light the yule log and be merry on this wonderful day!

This post is a multi-link!  Haiku Horizons (Ruby) – and Carpe Diem Haiku Kai (Decorations)

Mindlovesmisery’s – Sister Awake – September 16, 2014

A music video for Yves’ mysterious and exciting prompt!

Gliding there through empty space
Sister wilts and withers
As she wanders far off
Cold grows in her wake …
Come back to me
To my warm embrace
Bloom once again
Let your laughter be heard
Your waters flow
Sister awake …
Arise from this seeming death
I, your brother call to you …
Come closer and feel my warmth
For your lovely blue reflection
Is pleasing to me.

Oh my dear brother
I’ve wandered far from you
And in this ice filled wilderness
I wither and feel close to death …
My waters turn to ice,
My flowers into dust …
And into a dreamless sleep I fall
From which I fear never to awake.
Your warming call’s a beacon
Your loving song’s a life-line
Brother you are my savior
I awake to your
Plaintive call
Into your warm embrace.

I imagined a conversation between the Earth and the Sun and his call to her to return from winter.


Carpe Diem #358, Cliffs of Moher


dance and sing today
glorious returns the sun
rejoicing sing

waves crash on the beach
as the new season begins
take my hand and walk

light is my step
upon the windy beaches
smiling into the snow

one more year passes
and yet my heart still feels young
give me my red cape

Carpe Diem #358, Cliffs of Moher

Haiku Medley: December 23, 2013

Haiku Medley

December 23, 2013

foggy wet morning
clouds laying leaden and grey
wet crows – barking dog

barking dog and bells
greet this lovely wet morning
christmas tree lights shine

winter solstice over
days should be growing longer
snow is in the air

season greetings
exorcising the sadness of winter
cin cin folks

where is sadness
show me its color and form
reflect on illusion

smiling faces
photographic magic trick
eternal happiness

Haiku: Crann Na Beatha (Tree of Life) Rewritten


winter solstice dance
yule log’s burning sacrifice
firey life’s renewal

modern feast of light
an electric sacrifice
turkeys and pudding


For CarpeDiem Haiku Kai : Crann Na Beatha, the tree of life.

N.B. I rewrote these haiku…the first refers to the Celtic Winter Solstice…the second to our consumeristic Christmas.

Ligo Haibun Challenge: November 28, 2013 – Water or Order

This week’s Ligo Haibun Challenge is prompted by a choice of words: Water or Order…or perhaps both!

The old man sat in his rocking chair thinking: the seasons pass, each with its own element, spring comes with its green wood, summer with the heat of fire, autumn its metallic wind and between the passage of each season, Earth makes itself felt.

Today, on the 21st of December, winter begins and its element is water. Life’s cycle continues, in the orderly passage of the seasons.  And I,sitting in my rocking chair, remember my springs.  Though my voyages now, in the winter of my years, are more imaginary than real.

The door bell rang.  He got slowly up and opened the door.

“Grandpa!” the children yelled and started to hug him.

spring meets winter
vitality and wisdom
laughter in the snow