Alone with Marigold – Kyrielle Sonnet – March 11, 2016


Reflected in the wilderness
Hunger, thirst and then deep darkness
She walked alone with Marigold
Along her path both fine and bold.

To take give counsel she went north –
To her enemy she went forth –
Unto the city as foretold
Along her path both fine and bold.

She never fainted nor gave praise
But freedom’s banner she did raise
Her name was never known I’m told
Along her path both fine and bold.

Reflected in the wilderness
Along her path both fine and bold.

© G.s.k. ‘16


From Sunday Whirligig 49, The week’s words came from Psalm 107:1-13: wilderness, hungry, thirsty, works, darkness, counsel, thanks, enemy, north, city, fainted, praise

Mindlovesmisery’s Menagerie’s Photo Challenge and B&P’s Shadorma and Beyond – Kyrielle Sonnet

My Kyrielle Sonnet isn’t based upon anyone from the “real” world.  I just imagined how the once tiny girl in the photograph, from her childhood adventures with her cat might have grown into a bold decisive woman.

Sisters – Blues – October 6, 2014

Sisters (Choka)

sisters sing the blues
tell your stories one by one
as you walk along your path
don’t hide anymore
humiliations and joys
strength and darkest depression
sisters sing the blues
don’t hide away in limbo
let your voices be heard – sing
you’re backbones of life
talented – full of creativity
don’t wait to be freed – be free
sisters sing the blues
I know the troubles you’ve seen
I know you’re something – don’t you
raise your voices – loud
sing your lonesome blues and shine
only you can change these times.


Written for Carpe Diem Haiku Kai and OctPoWriMo

Free Verse: backward society

Free Verse:

backward society

how we love pigeon holing everything…
define and refine down to complete irrelevancy…
perhaps, females needed male’s protection
when we were closer to our simian cousins…
living hand to mouth
enlightenment wanted equality
to enjoy the advantages
of evolution
we need a revolution
in human mind-set.

This verse was written in reply to comments made on the Arkside of Thought