Wordleing with the Whirligig – June 2, 2015

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what a nifty hat
thought the guard
as he watched her pass the chain-gang
in her car outside the prison …
sweet cherry red
and bright white tie strings
dangling round her face
enticing – delighting
a real 100 carat beauty …
he looked down at his shoe
his mind began to wander
one idea leading to another ….
a later sequence of thoughts
sure made his blood boil
ah, yes indeed –
what a nifty hat

© G.s.k. ‘15

Monday Wordle – June 1, 2015

reel in your rancor
oh testimony of the crucifix
that symbol of torture
made sacred to many
t’was an instrument of shame
used by jealous bigots
to halt the terse words
of the gentle Man

the urge to surge
and croon anathemas
with effervescent ease
just seems to me grotesque
you with your viscous threads
of hatred
would have thrown the first stone
whilst shouting your “amens”

© G.s.k. ‘15


1. Terse 2. Reel 3. Rancor (bitter, rankling resentment or ill will; hatred; malice) 4. Surge 5. Crucifix 6. Testimony 7. Croon 8. Effervesce (to issue forth in bubbles) 9. Cromulent (fine, acceptable) 10. Grotesque 11. Viscous (of a glutinous nature or consistency; sticky; thick; adhesive) 12. Hexagonal

This very challenging wordle was provided by Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie and can be found Here … I wasn’t able to work cromulent or hexagonal into the wordle …

cromulent ideal
a hexagonal symbol
open Star of David