The Shell – Free Verse – October 18, 2015

George Tooker, self-portrait

The Shell

needing comfort one crisp autumn morn
my daughter and I went out sailing
and beneath our rocking wooden boat
we saw a glass-like sea-shell shining.

[upon a stone halfway to the abyss
smooth without seams it called to us –
in wet suits and snorkels we descended
– breathing in deep the salt crisp air]

floundering, nearly drowning to reach the rock
which had seemed to be well within reach
without pretty words I called off the search –
but then gifted her a  George Tooker print.

© G.s.k. ’15


I’m using the words from “Sunday’s Whirligig”  which came from “Nightingale” by Tony Morris: daughter, rocking, words, wooden, needing, beneath, halfway, slapping, glass, seams, breathing, crisp

A Crazy Wordle Poem – Wordleing – May 22, 2015

 photo 66e1e896-71c6-40cc-b5e7-0b96cf18b77b_zpsuksyuycr.jpg

with madness in his methods
he walks the country roads
searching out bleached stones
to add to his collection

humming he sees the sheep
near an olive tree
he remembers Grandma’s needlework
and thinks all men are fools

like imaginary dominoes
fall lightly one on one
his melancholy laugh
echoes under the sun

he’s mad and we all know it
a hatter in his way
but let’s not look at him too closely
we might see he’s just like us

© G.s.k. ‘15

This week’s Sunday Whirligig is perfectly delightful .. not only for its interesting words, but for the lovely photograph on which it is composed … inspiring to say the least … many thanks to Magical Mystical Teacher for all her efforts to keep the Sunday Wordle alive!

method, country, stones, bleached, sheep, olive, humming, needlework, men, fool, dominoes, laugh

Wordleing with a Photo Challenge – May 17, 2015

-Vampire Zombie

-Vampire Zombie

grieving by the candles
a treasure lost – the sun
to learn to live in darkness
and walk the cemetery’s gravel path
was to be her soulless destiny –

the tavern was her doom
this prodigal girl did find
in a roar of thundery brimstone
she passed from her daily life
leaving  her forever longing
for the rushing stream at dawn.

© ‘15

grieving, candles, treasure, sun, learn, gravel, tavern, prodigal, find, roar, longing, rushing

 photo 5a6986e6-4965-485f-8763-7b6765e80a2b_zpsvpuv4m86.jpg

Sunday’s Whirligig

Written for Sunday’s Whirligig and Photo Challenge #60 at Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie

Yesterday’s Posts – September 9, 2014


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Wordle Alternative – August 26, 2014


1. Spade 2. Sail 3. Kite 4. Anodyne (pain-killer) 5. Waif 6. Percussive (shocked, appalling) 7. Skein (tangle, flock) 8. Flimsy 9. Zero 10. Magnify 11. Powder 12. Awry

The waif sat digging in the sandpile
With her trusty spade she began
To make a tasty cake
For her daddy’s evening meal …
She used some talcum powder
To decorate her loving offer
Then placing it out to dry,
She ran to play with her sail boat
In the sparkling bird bath.

The cake soon fell apart
As it dried in the summer warmth,
Her mother heard her wail
So sought out an anodyne.
She suggested she fly her kite,
She showed her a skein of birds,
But these flimsy offerings seemed to magnify
The sadness that she felt.

Then her grandmother came to her
And took her into the kitchen,
The three ladies of the house,
Made a chocolate cake for dinner.
This time the cake was different
‘Twas rich and dark and sweet
Nothing went awry
And Daddy had his treat.

A Nonsense Story – August



Obelix , Superman and Hänsel&Gretel
Met a dragon with a wheelbarrow
Whilst collecting some young icicles
For  the lovely Ice Queen’s party
In her summer palace …

A dragon was going their way,
So he offered to help them …
He let them use his wheelbarrow
To carry the icicles,
So they wouldn’t melt away …

They then met a black cat
Who was strolling along
With a yellow toothed dog,
Who joined the fine group
Instead of going home …

A greek God and Goddess
Drove by in a blue car …
Instead of a radio …
A saxophonist played the blues
Accompanied by a chicken violinist.

They all gathered together
Before the bright palace
Each baring some gift …
For the Ice Queen’s name day feast
In her summer palace.

A raven announced them one by one
As they came up to her throne.
Then they went to the buffet
And had some strong wine
Served in cups, with bright yellow flowers.

The Ice Queen’s young lover …
Flirted openly with young Gretel
As the party roared on
He became quite drunk …
And soon ran amok.

The chicken violinist
Played Mozart and Bach …
The saxophonist played
Laid-back rhytmic jazz,
To the delight of them all.

It was right about midnight,
When a pretty young maiden …
Started running around
Shouting she had to be off,
Chased by a princess in a bright blue gown.

The guests went away happy and bright
For they’d never had such a wonderful night.

Wordle for Yves – July 1, 2014

wordle151Book, oil, promethean, induce, nimbus, divan, posture, Afghan, chatoyant, crisp, serene, slather

The Gobble Garden

Genoese gourmet giant, Greasy Grimily, looked through his cook book for an interesting recipe to prepare promethean type sea food.

He’d been induced to leave his divan, where he usually passed his afternoons serenely wrapped up in a crocheted afghan his mother had made him, because Grimace Grace, great Grouse Grindstone’s granddaughter had decided to eat at his restaurant, The Gobble Garden.

He walked into his kitchen and took the great promethean flounder from his refrigerator, placing it onto the counter. He slathered the thing with oil until it gleamed with chatoyant rainbow colors, than began frying it, until it was crispy brown. He garnished his masterpiece with red geraniums.

When Grimace Grace entered his restaurant, he realized that she was grossly gravid. Everyone knows that gravid giantesses have odd tastes in food and so a nimbus gathered over him, and he fell into a stormy mood.

With virile posture, Greasy Grimily bowed, giving a gracious giant talk greeting to the gravid giantess:

“Girly giantess, Grimace Grace, gravely gravid,
Genial gutter-snipe gourmand:
Generous gargle-blasting garden grunts
Gather gleaming …
Gum-tree grappling geraniums!

Which meant in our language:

“Lovely pregnant lady, Grimace Grace, renowned for your wide taste in food. My gardeners have just today gathered a special species of geraniums. Would you like to try them?”

Alas, Grimace Grace was in no mood to try fancy gourmet fair. She ordered a simple dish of animal giblets in gravel gravy.

Grumbling as he returned to his kitchen about the fickleness of pregnant giantesses, he gathered the ingredients together, preparing her the dish she’d ordered. At least it was lovely in its shiny oily chatoyant gravy glistening with crystal pebbles. She ate and she raved ecstatically saying she’d never eaten such a superb delicacy.

Greasy Grimily’s reputation reached the stars since great Grouse Grindstone was very pleased. The great giant often stated that it was thanks to Greasy Grimily’s fine kitchen that his granddaughter had given him a strapping healthy great-grandson. In fact she went into labor right there in his restaurant!

* Gradisci? = Italian for “Would you like to try it?”
Written for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Wordle.

See: Poetry Prompt #16 Alphabet – We Drink Because We’re Poets – for the poem behind the story!