A Wordle for WordPress – Wordleing – January 12, 2015

A Scarecrow on your house
And a Glitch in your collective works!
Mighty nerds with the brains of currants
Living in some obscure parallel universe,
With what perversity do you play
With the lives of those who blog …
Without affinity for those who write
Using mere words instead of code,
You’ve now padlocked script images
Making them to fade away …
(And what say you of “Quote”
that leaves bracketed empty space?)
The glamour of your pages
Are without a doubt a plus
But your jagged hungry need
To not leave well enough alone,
Sends up a coral destication
With each change that comes to the fore.
Ah to ditch the perverse codes
That you daily send upon us …
Methinks we might go Blogger
And leave this mess behind.

© G.s.k. ‘15


1. Padlock 2. Glamour 3. Ditch 4. Perversity 5. Fade 6. Affinity 7. Parallel 8. Desticate (to squeak like a rat) 9. Jagged 10. Scarecrow 11. Hungry
12. Currant (a small seedless raisin, a small edible berry found on shrubs of the genus Ribes)

Post inspired by WordPress and Mindlovesmisery’s Menagerie – Wordle #43

Just a note: Still Blocked

After 24 hours, I’m still locked out of my dashboard.  So, how am I posting you ask?  From that little line on the top of my homepage up near the notifications square and my avatar…it says: New Post.  I clicked it and got a rudimentary editor page. Continue reading

At the Akashic Library: The Jinn

The Jinn from the Akashic Library

I was very annoyed the other day.  I was trying to do my post for Pixelventures’ Close-up, which was dedicated to tweaking a photograph and ‘lo!’  I couldn’t upload a single photograph onto the We Drink media editor.

I popped back over to Bastet and Sekhmet.  Here there was no such problem!  I wrote a Haiku and posted it with a photograph.  In the meantime, I ran into Sahm over at the Arkside of Thought, since we were gabbing, I mentioned it to him.

“Can’t understand that!  You’ve got your administrative rights all in place.”

“Well, I can write the post, but no photos.”

We talked about different solutions and decided that the problem wasn’t my computer, so the only thing left to look into would have been WordPress itself.  I did reboot my browser just in case.  It didn’t work, but a couple of minutes later the problem (poof) solved itself.

Lately strange things have been happening all over WordPress World.  People not being able to like or comment, others not being able to read posts and the most dire problem of all, comments and whole posts disappearing.

I decided to investigate this morning when my dear friend Baldy published his “I don’t like this” post.  He was so distraught!  I popped right over to the Akashic Library to have a word with Bastet and Sekhmet.

“Ciao Bastet!  Sekhmet!  How’s the morning going?”

“Ah, slow to middling, just slow to middling.” said Bastet.

“Why? What’s the matter?”

“Oh it’s those darn desert Jinn.  Some of them have picked up with Loki and are running around creating chaos in the library’s filing system.”

“They should really do something about the little blighters, but no!  Do you think they listen to me, SEKHMET!  Say I’m too blood thirsty.  Oh and thanks for reblogging that person who said I was a ‘Vampire Queen‘ by the way!”

“Well, it was a delightful article you know, and you know how my readers love you so!”

“Pshaw!”  she preened, “It was grossly exaggerated though.”

“By the way, over in WordPress World, seems there’s a lot of issues lately.  You know; posting, commenting, reading the reader and all that sort of thing.  Have any ideas what the problem might be?”

“Darn Georgia!  Don’t you even listen when I talk to you?  There’s a band of desert Jinns that have picked-up with Loki and they’re playing tricks all over the place.”

“Well, Bastet Dear, you mentioned problems here at the Library, not W.P. World.”

“Yes, yes, yes!  Anyway, here we’re on the same ectoplastic wave-length dimension, hmm, more or less.  They’ve even gone so far as to send out inspirations to some totally idiotic Italian politicians.”

“As if they needed any inspiration to be idiotic!” snapped Sekhmet.  “I’ve just gotten back from patrolling the W.P. World with Mars and Anubis, but they’d already done their damage and run off.  Jeez was Mercury mad, had to get all those messages fixed up!”

“But shouldn’t it be the Norse Gods looking into this affair, I mean, Loki is one of their’s.”

“They’re useless as the proverbial tits!  Lying around drunk all day waiting for Ragnarök, the last great battle.  I mean, they know they’re going to lose that one but they can’t wait for it.  Go figure!”

“By the way Georgia, you did notice on Saturday that we kept your editor working without a hitch.  Happens I’d just come by to inspire you and found one of the Jinn fooling around with the media menu.”

“Ah, so that’s why I could post photos at our place but not at We Drink!  I was wondering about that!”

“Well, I don’t have much to do with other blogs, but that one’s ours so I happened to be on hand when the little bugger tried his tricks.  Scared the daylights out of him!” Bastet giggled.

“Ok.  Now that I know what the problem is, I’ll just run a post through.  Hope you guys can fix the Jinn problem quickly.”

“Worse than bloody squirrels they are!” mumbled Sekhmet.

“Hmmm, yes.  Well be seeing you, and could you try to look into Baldy’s Blog.  They’ve been playing havoc with him lately.”

“Can’t promise anything dear.  Run along now, we’ve got work to do, even if you don’t”

“Sweet, you’re always so sweet Sekhmet.”

Silly Poem: WordPress Blogging Blues

WordPress ™
is a handy place
to write about
just anything…
it’s members are
to communicate
and make a great following…
by supplying stats
this and that
it happens that
for some bloggers
paranoia attacks!

Oh my…

some bloggers get  stressed…
get the WordPress blogging blues
and want ever more readers
to be Freshly Pressed too!
they get so frustrated
that they soon just move on.

But if they’d just waited…
they could have read
that stats count for nil
and be instructéd on how to be
Freshly Pressed to boot!
(don’t you worry
look at these examples
of how they choose their
prized daily writers
if you’re made of cotton candy
(which they don’t mention here)
you’ll get those
almighty Freshly Pressed votes!

(of course it might be simpler
if you paid 30 dollars or more
a month
be a name in a paper
or generally well-known.)

If you’re a newbie
(or even an oldie)
don’t get sucked into the game
make it clear to yourself
what you think is your aim…
be a great writer
make some nice photographs
get some good feedback
or an encouraging word
test out your talent
be stimulated
rage about something
or give your own view…

these my friends are reasons to blog
not to sit there putting notches in a log
and even
if the only thing you want is
audiencethat’s a great goal there my blogging buddy…
take your bows
and just bask in your brilliance!

N.B.  I started writing this silly peom because I’ve noticed that bloggers who’ve followed me for ages and bloggers I’ve followed for ages are getting un-followed and have to be re-followed…so where does that put all my fancy statistics of followers?

I’ve also noticed that lately when someone comments, some strange title comes up that has nothing to do with what thye’re commenting…(I think there are some alien life forms probably controlling everything over on the big WP computers.)  I’M ONLY KIDDING…sheesh, you never know when someone might take you seriously!

Anyway…I got lost and wrote this silly poem instead of another type of silly poem about these subjects.  That’s just how it works out sometimes.