The Cold Moon – Waka – January 24, 2016


the cold moon
through the window panes
in crystal patterns

walking under the cold moon
slipping on ice

last persimmons
fall from the barren tree
under the cold moon

fond farewells
parting friends on Arco’s bridge
under the cold moon

© G.s.k. ‘16



Carpe Diem #902 Kangetsu (cold moon)

Today’s kigo is from the classical collection called  Saijiki, on the World Kigo Database, we are advised that kangetsu should not be mistakenly translated as “cold moonlight” which is something else but as “moon in the cold”, moon on a cold night.  Here are a few examples furnished by Chèvrefeuille for our inspiration:

kangetsu ya kaisandoo no ki no ma yori

this cold moon –
among the trees
of the founder’s hall

kangetsu ya kareki no naka no take sankan

this cold moon –
among the bare trees
three stalks of bamboo

kangetsu ya koishi no sawaru kutsu no soko

this cold moon –
the soles of my shoes
touch small pebbles

kangetsu ya matsu no ochiba no ishi o iru

this cold moon –
fallen needles of pines
shoot into stones

kangetsu ya mon o tatakeba kutsu no oto

this cold moon –
after knocking at the (temple) door
the sound of wooden clogs

kangetsu ya zoo ni yuki-au hashi no ue

this cold moon –
I meet a monk
on the bridge

© Yosa Buson

Here are Chèvrefeuille’s great contributions:

silent winter night
the full moon of January –

howling wolves

howling wolves
giving me the shivers –
praying for strength

 praying for strength
as I see the bright Wolf Moon –
silent winter night

© Chèvrefeuille