Haibun – Thursday – April 10, 2020

Haibun – my wooden ship

On Thursday I look at the world in all its (ah-hum) glory. Its the day I usually prepare for my English Conversation class and so a day I look into news articles about politics and current events. In any period of time one needs a bit of ballast not to  flounder but now with the COVID pandemic at its height one really needs to have an inner anchor.

in my wooden ship
I sail through death and storms
– humanity

Back in the mid ’80s I was living in yet another interesting time of my life and was feeling rather tired of it all. I came across an old book “The Way of Zen” by Alan Watts. I felt I’d found a new lover, such were the power of the vision I found in this book. Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t a converted from one religion to yet another religion. I was raised in a religious uncertain family so, in my early youth I’d experimented with many representatives of monotheism and alas preferred my familial religious chaos to monotheistic self righteous rigidity. Watts though didn’t preach he taught. How refreshing!

wild this daisy grows
no lily of the valley
that false innocent

After the maelstrom of the day, I kick back and listen to a talk by Watts … just to balance out the day.  I put on a TV show about the life in England in the 1950s , it’s entitled “Call the Midwife”, so heartening!  I feed myself and Brynn the princess cat and finally go to bed.  As an introvert, basically I have no problem with social distancing.  I admit I’d be in a much more unpleasant place if I had to live elbow to elbow with millions of people all at once!

balancing my soul
looking at simple drama
at social distance

© gsk ’20


Now some flower facts both flowers  represent purity but:…


Just like a lot of the other flowers in the Asteraceae flower these are easy to grow. This is a flower that a child can grow and it stands all sorts of conditions. With the vascular nature of this plant and the tap root, it basically grows so well that it can become a weed. So, even if you are a person with a brown thumb, you can grow this. These flowers will grow in dry areas they will grow in open areas too. They are easily pollinated because bugs love them and spread the pollen throughout, so you will see fields of daisies in some of the places that are out there. This is a great beginner flower to start growing.

Lily of the Valley

Even though the Lily of the Valley prefers cooler temperatures, it will grow in warmer as well. If you plan on having Lily of the Valley in your yard or garden, there are two things you need to be careful about. One is the poisonous nature of the plant, for humans and pets. The other is the way the flower reproduces may make it difficult to get rid of it once it has established itself. Since its root system creeps underground, you may have to really work on eliminating it. However, if your plans are to have them around to make your yard just beautiful, then you will have no problem because they will multiply on their own. Find out about how the Lilies of the Valley like to live, whether they want lots of water or just a little, what type of soil is best for them, how much sunshine they need during the day, then you are set with growing beautiful Lily of the Valley flowers.

Tasers and News – Free Verse – October 2, 2014

Hong Kong’s prosperity and security are underpinned by its fundamental rights and freedoms, including the right to demonstrate. It is important for Hong Kong to preserve these rights and for Hong Kong people to exercise them within the law.”

U.K. Foreign Office

Tasers and News

old sage
on the mountain
looking at the world from on high –
seeing what was
and what will be
detached by age and experience –

I see the people
throughout the globe
who protest against
the tyrants yoke
in the present
in the past …
I know they’ve suffered
from the kings,
their lackey’s
and their police dogs,
… but be wary
of the pompus
self-righteous words
of “illuminated” toads
pontificating …
relying upon a well-known fact …
there is no memory
of what happened
even a few years back.

when you watch protesters
in the evening news
and some pompous official ass
tsk-tsk’s crooning platitudes;
think of the past
the martyrs who fell
in his lands
and yours …
from Berlin to Kent State
Athens to India
and oh so many hundreds
of times
places before …

the new
unenlightened tyrants
of the emerging super states
haven’t learnt yet,
where there’s true power;
for it’s really best
to let
people shout and protest …
because the majority
will still sleep
while watching
the evening “free” press
manipulated by the powers that be
and soon will be
shoo-shooing all the troubles away
with beer, football
and TV dinners.

ah –  thin-skinned tyrants:
they’re still afraid,
’cause they wrested their power
with bombs and civil war
but give them some time
and they too will learn
how to cowl the masses
without tanks and guns
when a taser
and the news works
just as well.

(c) G.s.k. ’14