From Green Tea and Life for Reflection – July 4, 2015


Walking down the pier under the first rays of moonlight their hands not quite touching.  The wind came off of the water refreshing the air.  The moon reflected off the water and in the distance music could be heard from a nearby “balera“. They moved towards a cluster of trees.

His hand touched hers … a spark leapt from his fingers to her hand.  A shiver ran down her spine. Like shadows they united in the darkness among the trees, they began to caress each other.  Each kiss inviting another, their hands hungry to search out and discover the recesses of their intimacy.

Pearls of sweat trickled down her body creating a small stream between her breasts with a tug her kaftan fell from her shoulders gathering around her feet.  She stood naked in the shadows as he drank the sweat from her body, like a parched Bedouin.

Then he too removed his robe and using it as a blanket he helped her lay upon the ground … cool and inviting. The sweet smell of flowers mixed with the acrid smell of fresh-cut grass mixed with the smell of his passion.

“Margaret, have you finished your essay yet?” Miss Grinitch asked impatiently seeing her student lost in one of her day dreams again.

“Ah … Oh … just about there.” Margaret stuttered suddenly returning from the distant shore she’d created and the vision of making love with the young man she’d been attracted to as walking down the subway corridor that morning.  His deep green eyes in his perfectly tanned face, the slender fingers on his well formed pianist’s hands … she sighed.

“Well, you’ve still got half an hour … let’s see if you finish your  piece on George Eliot today!” the teacher grumbled.

George Eliot

Jessica read what she’d just written wondering if her characters seemed real enough.  Was there enough pathos … would Margaret finish her essay, would she meet the man in the subway … she scratched her head wondering where to take the story … could she add something that would grab the reader?

“Oh dear, she’s stuck again!” thought Margaret. “If she’d stop thinking and start writing …”

© G.s.k. ‘15


Following is a conversation that I’ve been having with Chris from the Muscleheaded blog  who commented on my Green Tea and Life …

Spring Rain – Syllabic Verse – January 12, 2015

Sunny Rain

Sunny Rain

lingering sweet caress …
my mind wanders
inventing exciting visions
then I imagine
falling on eager limbs
in springtime

like a warm summer breeze
of life and love
in a moment of ecstasy
but long ago
upon white winter’s bed
in silence

© G.s.k. ‘15