Distorted but Accepted – Blitz Poem – December 2, 2015

Distorted but Accepted

just so many mirrors
just images distorted

distorted but illusive
distorted and unloved

unloved by the viewer
unloved and be damned

damned visions of hatred
damned visions of fear

fear of the shadows
fear of what’s in my head

head full of impressions
head full of duty

[duty to be perfect
duty to please

please all of the teachers
please all of the world

world of competition
world of judgments

judgments and condemnations
judgments of my failures

failures to conform
failures to perform

perform like a monkey
perform like a clown

clown, clown cry and wail
clown (the joke is on me)

me and my shadow – my mirror
me seeing myself in you]

you walk bright and tall
you know everything

everything is a lesson
everything is your show

show and tell everyday
show everyone how bright you are

are you too aware …
are you too like I am

am I your mirrored reflection
am I your accuser and Nemesis

Nemesis to be defeated
Nemesis or no, maybe an ally

ally to be cultivated
ally to be understood

understood and embraced
understood and accepted

accepted as part of yourself
accepted with compassionate love



© G.s.k. ‘15


Photo Challenge #89 December 1, 2015  and  Writing Prompt #135 “We hate most in others, what we dislike in ourselves”








Restless Youth – Free Verse Wordle – August 11, 2015


Collage 3

“I’m restless. Things are calling me away. My hair is being pulled by the stars again.” -Anais Nin.

Restless was I at fifteen,
the stars did call and hormones too!
The sins of youth,
now rattle down my spine
and chill the cry
inside my brain.
The creek did witness,
over time,
more lover’s trysts
then men may know –
now receded
my love pains are dull,
like an echo
of a distant drum,
just a thread of thought
as I walk in the woods –
of plastered hair
on his sweaty brow.
Ah – if I knew then what I know now,
had only gazed in the mirror
to scry my future,
I would have suffered less
and enjoyed it more –
that long-lost first kiss
on a summer’s morn.

© G.s.k. ‘15



The Sunday Whirl and Mindlovesmisery’s Menagerie: Writing Prompt #118 “Collage 3″